For decades, the public sector has relied on AMA to deliver the solutions their workforce needs for success.

AMA open-enrollment seminars are high-impact, instructor-led learning experiences for individuals or teams. Each year, AMA delivers thousands of training solutions to government employee to address gaps, improve engagement and increase productivity.  

Available live online or in person, each of AMA’s 160+ courses is expertly designed, highly interactive and thoroughly immersive, led by our world-class faculty. 

Unique Benefits of Attending AMA Seminars


Demonstrate greater resilience and adaptability to change learned through problem-solving activities


Benefit from expert, tailored guidance and coaching by our experienced course leaders, including “what if” challenges—so you’re prepared for any situation


Experience hands-on practice adapting new knowledge and skills to your job in your present circumstances and beyond


Receive inspiration, input and feedback from fellow participants who share common challenges—and offer unique perspectives that can lead to better solutions

Special Savings for Your Agency

Government employees (as well as contractors of federal agencies) are eligible for GSA contract pricing—and you can extend your training budget even further with exclusive offers from AMA.

For unlimited individual training, ask about special pricing for bulk annual passes (5 or more). You can also take advantage of special savings on team training, including AMA’s Seminar Savings Pass. The more people you train, the more you can save. View our exclusive government offers now.



“I learned so many techniques for communicating. I learned different ways to look at things, and some valuable insights. The class was engaging and interesting 100% of the time. The exercises were valuable and the class discussion clarified and enhanced the learning.”

—Karin H., Software Engineer
How to Communicate with Diplomacy, Tact and Credibility, May 2022


“We covered a lot, and I learned a lot of valuable and actionable skills. I enjoyed the experience and discussions amongst the other attendees, and I'm excited to put what I learned into action. Thank you, AMA, for this training!”

 —Trevor W., Project Manager​​
Developing Executive Leadership, May 2021

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