The world of sales can be competitive and intimidating. From cold calls to lengthy negotiations, it takes a certain set of skills to be successful at sales. Though some may misconstrue salespeople as pushy, excelling at sales tasks requires persuasion, communication, flexibility, and confidence in the face of a challenge.

Companies and executives continue to understand the challenge that salespeople confront every day. According to Sales Insights Lab, 61% of respondents in sales consider selling harder or much harder than just five years ago. If you’re looking to learn skills that will help you contribute to your organization’s revenue or would like to gain new insights into the sales mindset, we’re here to help you excel.

What Are the Different Types of Sales Training?

There are as many avenues for sales professionals to train and gain new skills as there are methods in which to sell. Our sales training programs oftentimes fall into one of four categories: inside sales, field sales, service sales, and sales management.

Inside sales refers to phone calls, emails, or video sales calls for prospective or consultative selling opportunities.

Field sales requires the sales professional to travel and meet prospective customers at in-person meetings, trade shows, conferences, etc.

Service sales are more long-term, building an ongoing relationship with the customer, identifying their needs, then offering them a solution.

Sales management helps sales teams through sales development, goal setting, resource allocation, and leadership to achieve topline objectives.

Advance Your Sales Skills with Our Top Courses

Don’t know where to start? Consider an introduction to sales, Fundamental Selling Techniques for the New or Prospective Salesperson class. Our intensive, highly interactive 2-day introduction is specially designed to equip you with the tools and techniques you need to achieve sales success and improve your performance.

Make yourself standout against the competition. Join thousands of others and get ahead of your peers with our most popular sales training class, Principles of Professional Selling. You’ll go through the entire sales process from beginning to end, learning modern consultative and solution-oriented strategies to help you close the deal.

Want to show your worth? Looking to get into a sales manager role or were you just appointed as one? Our Sales Management Certificate Program will ensure you can show others you’re up for the job. Gain critical-to-success management skills, from proven communication techniques to interviewing tools. Learn how to establish an effective training program from our six-step coaching process that helps you maximize your sales team’s skills.

Advance Your Sales Skills with Our Top Courses

Whether learned through active, on-the-job experiences or through intensive, highly-interactive sales training programs—there are skills universal to high-performing, successful sales professionals. At their core, sales professionals listen to their customers, evaluate what solutions meet their needs, and find opportunities to help their customers. However, many skills lead up to that sales cycle.

Research. It is critical for a sales professional to understand their client’s industry and business. Preparation is foundational to go with the flow of the conversation with a customer to help them arrive at a quality business decision. “Doing your homework” can take an entry-level salesperson to a seasoned expert. 

Diagnose. Instead of selling a product, professionals who go through intensive training can help you identify and guide customers through their business needs. Diagnostics includes receiving and interpreting data or unique perspectives, building a roadmap for how to solve an issue, and then communicating the diagnosis to stakeholders. 

Quantify. The trained sales professional must be able to put a dollar amount or another type of cost to a customer’s problem. Clients need help to bridge the gap between the problem and the solution, and determine if the financial impact is great enough to warrant your product or service.

Collaborate. If you work together with the client to guide them towards investing in your product or service, that is the mark of an expert sales professional. Open and honest communication is an essential asset to any sales professional. 

Leadership. Whether you need to lead a customer through a set of solutions to their problems or manage a sales team, knowing how to engage with others is a key component of any sales position. Inspiring others to perform and being able to problem-solve can elevate you from novice to expert. 

Many of these skills may be learned through unofficial channels via mentorship or first-hand experiences. However, structured and intensive training programs can help any sales professional up-level their skillset to help their sales organization or team reach their sales goals. 

Why AMA Will Help You Advance Your Career with Sales Skills

Sure, you may be able to find plenty of “classes” online from a plethora of outlets. But true mastery of your skills comes from structured, high-performance training that offers insightful instruction as well as hands-on experience. 

It’s one thing to talk the talk, let’s see how we walk the walk. 



“Instructor was very good, and the content was applicable. It forced me to apply this to major accounts in my own practice.”

- Iain G., Account Manager, IT
Selling to Major Accounts: A Strategic Approach, Jul 2021


“Superb course, huge amount of valuable content. Excellent coach too. I am a sales engineering manager but this gave me lots of insight and techniques.”

- Sanjay R., VP Sales Engineering Manager, Technology Infrastructure
Sales Management Certificate Program, Aug 2021

Find the Right Sales Training You Need

See our full list of classes that home in on the skills necessary to succeed in sales or other related communication, collaboration, and leadership skills. We offer courses across a varying range, from beginner to advanced. Whether you’re looking to bolster your foundational skills or expand your skillset to become a more valuable part of a sales team, there’s a course here for you. 

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AMA’s In-Person & Live Virtual Sales Training

Sales is as much an art form as it is a series of skills. And we craft our courses to match that level of depth. With over 40 physical locations throughout the United States, we’ve mastered how to lead participatory, immersive sessions.  

You also have the flexibility to save time and enjoy the boundless opportunities that await you with our various live online sales training programs that best fit your schedule and level.

Get the closest thing to an in-person classroom experience with our live online courses. They allow you to work in groups with other sales professionals looking to elevate their craft, take part in lectures and breakout sessions, ask advice from experts, and receive personalized feedback on progress.