One of the most critical conversations in today’s workplace is diversity and inclusion. Companies and organizations worldwide are more intentional about applying these hiring and management practices. It’s the right thing to do, and companies that take diversity and inclusion seriously see tangible benefits.

According to a study done by Boston Consulting Group, companies with diverse leadership and management saw a 19% revenue increase compared to other companies with less diverse leadership. Through our expert-led diversity and inclusion training courses, you can learn to apply these skills to help bring lasting change to your organization. From associate to manager, everyone can benefit from diversity and inclusion training. 

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What Are Diversity and Inclusion?

While diversity and inclusion often appear in the conversation in tandem, they are actually two different concepts. Let’s look at both individually to understand their importance in the workplace.


Diversity means that your organization consists of people from different races, gender identities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and experiences. It’s meant to reflect the society in which we live and operate. There are nuances and complexities involved with diversity, but the main point is to have different perspectives represented in your organization.


Inclusion means that everyone in the organization has equal access to resources, opportunities, and can freely contribute to the success of the company. This pursuit ensures that people from marginalized backgrounds are equal in the workplace.

When we discuss diversity and inclusion, it’s crucial to understand both concepts on their own and how they come together. It’s not enough to bring people into the fold on diversity alone—organizations must ensure that inclusion and equity are part of the equation. 

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

According to our data, 60% of employees responded that they don’t believe companies properly implement diversity and inclusion in the workplace. There are a few different ways you can promote diversity, inclusion, and equity in the workplace:

  • Recognizing unconscious bias
  • Practice being an “ally”
  • Campaign for more diversity and inclusion initiatives in the workplace

These methods only scratch the surface in terms of diversity and inclusion. We design our diversity and inclusion training programs to teach individuals, teams, and entire organizations to implement real-world, tangible practices. 

Learn New Skills and Make a Difference in Your Workplace with Our Diversity and Inclusion Top Courses

Foster diversity and inclusion. In AMA’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Certificate Program, you’ll build the skills you need to lead and foster diversity and inclusion in your organization.

Camaraderie, collaboration and purpose. This Moving from Inclusion to Belonging: How to Shift from Intent to Impact workshop teaches how belonging is an invaluable next step for organizations creating diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplaces.

Actively supporting individuals. In AMA’s How to be an Ally, you’ll learn how to foster an environment that is respectful, diverse, inclusive, free of bias, and helps everyone have a secure sense of belonging. 

How AMA Will Help You Advance Your Organization with Diversity and Inclusion

Many online classes don’t dig deep enough into diversity and inclusion to make a meaningful impact on organizations. Our DE&I experts will impart the knowledge, experience, tools, and resources that you need to make diversity and inclusion a lasting part of your skillset and workplace.

Hear from some professionals who have undergone our diversity and inclusion training programs and seen results. 


Find the Right Diversity and Inclusion Training You Need

Whether you’re an entry-level professional looking to expand your skill set or an experienced manager wanting to create lasting change in your workplace, we have programs for you. Check out our courses and find the one that’s right for your career path. 

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Virtual Diversity and Inclusion Training

Time management is a necessary skill for every professional from associate to C-suite. We understand that you want to garner new skills to help you achieve more in your career. That’s why our virtual time management training programs deploy the same immersive, experiential quality that we’ve perfected over the years.

Choose from a variety of time management training types to find the best one that fits your schedule and learning preference.

Live Online

For the most immersive, hands-on learning experience, we offer live online classes to help you sharpen your skills for that new job or promotion. Find a time that works with your schedule and experience our leading training programs.  


Enjoy a live experience even if you’re pressed for time with our webinars, which pack a lecture full of real-world expertise and examples into a single afternoon session. Better yet, get the option to revisit your learning at any time: paid registrants get a single-user license to access a recorded archive of the program for up to a full year.