While women make up a significant portion of today’s workforce, a surprisingly low number of females hold senior positions. The business world is also at a critical juncture where many valued employees are leaving organizations in record numbers. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to engage, invest in, develop and retain top talent. Through its Women’s Leadership Center, the American Management Association (AMA) is committed to helping ensure that women and organizations are not only equipped but eager to embrace expanded leadership opportunities. This means making sure everyone within an organization is poised and ready to develop and foster a workplace that is genuinely diverse, equitable, inclusive, and imparts a sense of belonging to all.

To help achieve this, AMA Women’s Leadership Center (WLC) offers professional women around the globe a supportive community, impactful education and networking opportunities. These experiences are designed to empower women to build and practice new skills, learn from one another, and feel comfortable taking risks in a safe environment—so they can apply these capabilities with confidence every day on the job.

What We Do

WLC supports individuals by providing meaningful learning experiences throughout the year and helping women develop the competencies they need for success. Women learn with us through membership resources, in-person and online learning, and specially developed events.

WLC supports organizations in reaching their diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) goals with a focus on the development of women through community building, development planning and gaining allies throughout the organization. We work with you to identify a plan to reach your desired initiative outcomes. Whether you already have an initiative established or are looking to create a new women’s development program, we’ll create the most impactful program for your people to ensure success.

Our solutions include

  • Understanding your organization’s challenges and goals
  • Crafting development plans that work to achieve your desired outcomes
  • Community building and membership resources
  • Creating learning journeys including live online and in-person events, courses and workshops
  • Reinforcement tools and success measurement

Our Solutions Include

Partner with us to

Partner with us to

  • Create a culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging
  • Support a more productive and harmonious workplace
  • Increase engagement and retention
  • Achieve recruitment goals
  • Enhance your brand and expand its presence
  • Reduce turnover and associated expenses
  • Develop succession plans