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“How to Build Trust When Your Team is Dispersed” with Frederica A. Peterson

What happens to team trust when team members and leaders are physically separated?

Tonya Echols on Having Difficult Conversations in a Virtual Setting

Huge numbers of people are working virtually now—so what happens when you need to have a challenging conversation with a fellow business professional who isn’t in the room with you?

Susan Mason Shares Best Practices on Virtual Presentations

Continuing its Ask the Experts Online Virtual Communication series, AMA hosted How to Effectively Present Virtually during its September 30 webcast.

AMA’s Ask The Experts: Michelle Yanahan on Successfully Communicating Change

AMA’s Ask the Experts Online Virtual Communication series debuted on September 16 with How to Successfully Communicate Change, a subject more relevant than ever in these tumultuous times.

12 Virtual Platforms for Working and Training Remotely

Here are 12 virtual tools for leaders to consider:

AMA’s Women’s Leadership Center Webcast: How to Be an Ally with Lauren McNally

On August 20th, a diversity and inclusion (D&I)–themed webcast about how allies can help ensure the success of organizations’ D&I initiatives was presented by the AMA Women’s Leadership Center (WLC).

AMA Product Showcase: Susan Mason Shares Key Takeaways

On July 8, executive coach, trainer and instructional designer Susan Mason teamed with moderator and learning solutions manager Tammy Swed for AMA’s newest Product Showcase.

AMA’s Ask The Experts: Top Project Management Professionals Discuss Virtual PM Best Practices

AMA’s series designed to explore a variety of relevant project management topics, with a special focus on virtual project management, had its fifth Ask the Experts installment on July 22 with the webcast Virtual PM Best Practices Panel Discussion.

AMA’s Ask The Experts: Brian Porter on Hybrid-Agile PM Techniques

In this program, How to Apply Hybrid-Agile PM Techniques, AMA faculty member Brian Porter, PMP, PE, and subject matter expert, joined Ask the Experts Online Project Management host and AMA Learning Solutions Manager for Project Management, Dan Goeller, to discuss this timely topic.

AMA’s Ask The Experts: Chia-Li Chien on Successfully Pivoting to Preserve Your Project

AMA’s webcast series exploring a variety of relevant project management topics, with a special focus on virtual management, had its third installment on July 8. In this program, How to Successfully Pivot to Preserve Your Project, AMA faculty member Chia-Li Chien, PhD, PMP, CFP, who is also an award-

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