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5 Steps of Effective Succession Planning

An organization is only as good as its people, it’s often said. So, to keep good people and ensure the stability and success of your organization, it’s vital to manage the succession of talent.

5 Steps for Managing Difficult People

As a manager, you’re expected to remain professional and evaluate team members strictly on their performance. Still, from time to time, you’re bound to struggle with how to manage someone you find “difficult.”

Finding Your Leadership Style: Transactional vs. Transformational

Being an effective leader requires developing several core qualities and skills—courage, empathy, accountability, integrity, flexibility, active listening, and the ability to communicate across cultures with clarity and respect among them. It also depends on finding your style. Of all the various st

8 Skills to Become More Culturally Adept at Work

In a global business world and any organization where people of various nationalities, ethnicities, races, genders, and generations work together, cultural competency is a vital skill.

How to Practice Allyship in the Workplace

Everyone needs allies—in their personal life, along their career path, and in the workplace. More than a friend or mentor, an ally is someone who’s committed to finding common ground with coworkers, speaking out or taking action when discrimination occurs, and supporting, advocating for, and champio

Vital Assertive Communication Skills for Women in Business

For career success, team collaboration and the ability to deliver business results, nothing is more vital than communication. Effective communication is essential—it’s the process that integrates the organization. For women in the workplace, being skilled in productive and assertive communication is

3 Keys to Finding Your Authentic Leadership Voice

Great leadership is built on a foundation of trust—and establishing trust begins with great interactions. That’s where the power of communication comes in. To be a successful leader, at any level in any organization, you must communicate with clarity and confidence, consistently. And that requires f

A 5-Step Model for Effective Training Sessions

When planning a training session for your team or a presentation for a larger audience of employees or colleagues, it’s crucial to ensure that the instructional and informational content you create is on target, clear and effective.

Tips for Effective Employee Training: Writing SMART Learning Objectives

Employee training isn’t reserved for professional trainers. When new technologies demand new proficiencies from existing team members, when new hires need to get up to speed on established procedures, when teamwork gets derailed by poor planning or communication, or when an individual’s performance

Leading with Emotional Intelligence: 4 Cornerstones for Success

It’s not a mystical gift or an inborn characteristic. Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a valuable skill that, with dedication and effort, just about anyone can develop. And for today’s business leaders, developing EI is definitely not optional. In any organization, the most effective leaders are credi