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Hire the Right People

Use Brian Tracy's SWAN formula to make sure the people you hire have the right stuff.

Hire or Train

Historically, there have been two primary choices when it comes to talent: make or buy. The right choice depends on an organization's industry and culture. Either way, businesses need to start planning today to deal with the predicted talent...

How to Say No to a Customer

The best way to say no to a customer is to learn how to say it without using the word "no."

Hire Fast, Fire Faster

Learn how to best handle HR.

Hire Everybody

Savvy companies like Netflix have offered monetary prizes to any team who can solve a business problem for them.

Hang on to Your New Hires

How to retain new and existing employees.

Eight Tips for Hiring Talented Service Staff

To get the right kind of people for your company's service department, you have to know what you're looking for and how to look for them. More specifically, here are eight gudielines to ensure you bring the best employees into your service oepration.

Disengaged or Dynamic? Personality Testing to Get the Right Hires

Personality testing will increase as companies seek to add engaged employees on their staff.

C-Suite Hiring Forecast: The Ability to Innovate Will Be Key in 2007

A steady economy and a stronger tech sector have set the stage for an increase in executive hiring. Those execs most in demand will be those who have proven expertise in managing a diverse work force and can innovate most successfully....

Brian Tracy on How to Hire the Right People

The first key to managerial success, as Jim Collins wrote, is “To get the right people on the bus.” In this exclusive excerpt from his new book, Motivation, Brian Tracy outlines a simple strategy to ensure your organization’s bus is filled with the right passengers.

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