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AMA’s Ask the Experts: Robert Smith on Demonstrating the Value of Projects Virtually

The guest expert, Robert Smith, is a PMP and technical, information, training and project management consultant. The webcast was facilitated by Dan Goeller, AMA Learning Solutions Manager for Project Management.

AMA’s Ask The Experts: Alana Hill on Interpersonal Skills and Project Success

The guest expert, Alana Hill, PMP, author, engineer and consultant, explored the topic with webcast facilitator Dan Goeller, AMA Learning Solutions Manager for Project Management on Interpersonal Skills and Project Success

AMA’s Ask The Experts Series Explores Virtual Delegation

For every manager, getting work done through others is a critical responsibility—but doing so virtually has its own special challenges.

AMA’s Ask The Experts Series: Dr. Bill Thallemer on Virtual Coaching

One of the most challenging aspects of virtual work is effective coaching. If there ever was a management responsibility that is best conducted face-to-face in the same room, it is coaching.

AMA’s Ask The Experts: Management Leaders Discuss Best Practices of Managing a Virtual Workforce

The fifth installment (on June 17) of AMA’s Online Management Series Ask the Experts featured a panel discussion with leading authorities discussing Best Practices of Managing a Virtual Workforce.

AMA’s Ask The Experts: Susan Mason on What Managers Need to Know About Virtual Communication

Communicating Effectively in a Virtual Environment, the fourth installment (on June 10) of AMA’s Online Management Series Ask the Experts, featured educator, executive coach, and trainer Susan Mason.

Considering Uncertainty, Bias, and Data in Scenario Planning

Many leaders in organizations are turning to scenario planning to address the uncertainty associated with the impact of the COVID pandemic on major resource allocation

A Template for Cognitive Restructuring

In times of unprecedented upheaval and disruption in business, organizations need to display resilience in powerful measure.

Characteristics of Agile Leaders

Although the word “agility” is sometimes overused in the business world, major world events such as those we’re presently experiencing have made it an essential concept for a vast number of organizations.

AMA’s New Management Series Ask The Experts Debuts with Tonya Echols

In this kick-off webcast, Ms. Deming explained the first topic and its timing by saying, “We’re talking about virtual motivation because it’s something everyone needs. We need it now for engagement, for productivity, and to get results when we have more lean organizations.”

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