Help your students enhance employability, transition seamlessly into careers, and thrive in the business community

Students are seeking new pathways beyond traditional college degrees—including skill-based learning and alternative credentials.


Students expect their education to facilitate
getting a jobi


Employers look at job-related competencies more than grades and GPA when screening applicantsii 


Managers report not receiving any training at alliii


How are you meeting the needs of your students and making the ROEI of getting a degree irresistible?

Combine the Academic Rigor of Higher Education with Real-World

AMA Higher Ed+ is the preferred partner to help you develop academically vetted curriculum and shape a more skilled workforce. Harnessing our curated, competency-based curriculum provides applicable content in crucial business areas and benefits both your institution and your students.


  • Amplify degree offerings 
  • Turnkey curriculum 
  • Scalability of programming 
  • Increase enrollment 
  • Enhance distinction 
  • Revenue generating



  • Improve career outcomes
  • Graduate with a degree AND validated credentials
  • Transform professional competencies into functional knowledge and transferrable skills
  • Increase ROEI
  • Modalities meet all learners needs

Amplify your reach—add greater focus on the areas of learning that corporations are prioritizing.

Integrate career-ready content within your existing curriculum or offer as stand-alone programs and support your students’ success.


Areas of knowledge include:

Professional Effectiveness

Professional Effectiveness

  • Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Presentation Skills

Relationship Management

Relationship Management

  • Coaching for Performance
  • Collaboration
  • Conflict Management
  • Delegation
  • Influence
  • Managing Change
  • Motivation

Business Acumen

Business Acumen

  • Customer Focus
  • Financial Acumen
  • Managing Projects
  • Talent Management

Analytical Intelligence

Analytical Intelligence

  • Critical Thinking
  • Managing and Mastering Data



AMA Certified Professional in Management™ (AMA-CPM®) credential provides students with a set of recognized criteria to validate their qualifications and advance their careers—and helps organizations fill talent gaps and hire the most qualified talent.

The AMA-CPM framework identifies the critical competencies and specific skills necessary for leaders at all levels. These proficiencies also sync with career-ready competencies identified by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), and studies demonstrate are in high demand.


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“To help our students synthesize the AMA curriculum, we applied a layered learning approach and co-developed supplemental reinforcement materials. This helped students internalize the competencies and adapt them to real-world scenarios. This approach set them up to pass the exam and supported change to their mindset and behaviors at work.”

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