About Us

For more than a century, American Management Association (AMA) has been transforming the way business professionals think and work. That’s why the majority of Fortune 1000 companies look to AMA as a trusted training partner. We have the resources, expertise and experience to guide individuals and organizations forward to produce optimal business results.

Learning Through Doing

Every individual, team, organization and government agency can benefit from our unique approach to experiential learning by doing. The AMA experience is your experience—addressing you and your needs through hands-on skill practice. In each session, we adapt our world-class curriculum to meet your individual training requirements as well as your organization’s pressing business goals. AMA courses are led by experienced practitioners with backgrounds spanning from senior executives, managers, authors, and course developers—to CEOs. Our faculty adds value to every course, not only through their practical, action-oriented facilitation—but also through their real-world advice and one-on-one coaching critical to effective learning.