Path to Maintaining the Credential (Recertification)

To maintain your AMA Certified Professional in Management™ (CPM) credential, it is necessary to recertify every 3 years. During the 3-year period before you recertify, you must accumulate 60 Professional Management Units (PMUs) attained through additional education and activities that help advance the profession.

Education—32 PMUs minimum: 1 hour = 1 PMU

  • 3 PMUs minimum in the domain of Professional Effectiveness
  • 3 PMUs minimum in the domain of Relationship Management
  • 3 PMUs minimum in the domain of Business Acumen
  • 3 PMUs minimum in the domain of Analytical Intelligence

Education can be:

(Evidence for audit—notes and dates of education)

  • Formal—classroom or seminar (Evidence for audit—certificate of completion, transcript or badge)
  • Informal—self education through reading or attending informal venues such as “lunch and learns”

Advancing the Profession—28 PMUs maximum: 1 hour = 1 PMU

  • 8 PMUs maximum working
  • 20 PMUs maximum volunteering or creating/presenting content

Work is defined as:

(Evidence for audit—Documentation of the equivalent of 1 year minimum of full-time employment [2,000 hours] during the time you hold your credential)

  • Serving as an active contributing team member
  • Serving as a team lead
  • Having responsibility for organizing other team members
  • Driving and motivating team members
  • Acting as an influencer or “go-to” person without title authority
  • Managing 1 or more direct reports
  • Possessing functional or technical expertise

Volunteering is defined as:

  • Participating in the development and maintenance of the CPM certification program:

    (Evidence for audit—attendance)

    • 2-day meeting: 16 PMUs
    • 1-day meeting: 8 PMUs
    • 1- to 2-hour conference call: 2 PMUs
    • Serving on the Certification Steering Committee: 20 PMUs (includes meetings and conference calls)
    • Serving on the Advisory Board Committee: 20 PMUs (includes meetings and conference calls)
  • Creating or presenting content:

    (Evidence for audit—copy of presentation, publication and/or course curriculum)

    • 5 PMUs for preparing and presenting material in an informal venue such as a “lunch and learn”
    • 10 PMUs for preparing and presenting a presentation at a conference
    • 15 PMUs for preparing and publishing a peer-reviewed professional journal article
    • 20 PMUs preparing and presenting a college course on management
    • 20 PMUs for writing a chapter on management for an edited volume