Are You Ready to Become an AMA Certified Professional in Management™

Find out if you're ready for the certification with 10 practice exam questions.

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Performance Reviews: Myths Versus Facts

Are Your Ideas About Appraisals On-Target? Take Our Quiz and See.

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How Well Do You Handle Conflict?

Take this short quiz to find out how well you manage conflict, and where you might want to improve your skills.

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Are You a Good Communicator?

Are your communication skills helping or hurting you? Assess your communication skills now by taking our brief quiz.

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Project Management Quiz

How Much Do You Know About Project Management?

Projects are the lifeblood of organizations. Take our quiz to see how your PM skills rate.

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Time Management Quiz

Test Your Knowledge: Time

There’s never enough time—or is there? Check how well you manage time with our quiz.

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Navigating Change: What's Your Style?

Some Dread Change. Others Embrace It. Take Our Quiz to See Where You Stand.

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