AMA Certified Professional in Management®

Advance Your Career and Increase Your Earning Potential

AMA Certified Professional in Management - Stay Informed

AMA Certified Professional in Management® (AMA-CPM®)

Individuals can now qualify to earn an unprecedented management certification, AMA Certified Professional in Management® (AMA-CPM®).

Based on extensive management research and analysis, this certification recognizes knowledge and competence across the areas of professional effectiveness, relationship management, business acumen and analytical intelligence.

How Management Certification Can Help Advance Your Career

  • Increases your worth and value to an organization
  • Enhances your ability to be hired and promoted
  • Helps distinguish you from others who are not certified
  • Fosters greater career success as a more well-rounded manager with knowledge across multiple areas

How Management Certification Can Benefit Your Organization

  • Improves the positive impact successful managers have on your organization’s bottom line
  • Provides an indicator of managerial competence across the organization
  • Recognizes and motivates leadership potential
  • Decreases the likelihood that team members may leave due to poor management

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Management Statistics in the New Era of Business


24 million managers
in the U.S. workforce


1 manager for every
5 employees


Managers make up 17.6%
of the workforce


$1 trillion loss of GDP is attributed to inefficient management

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