AMA Certified Professional in Management™ (AMA-CPM™) preparation programs and resources are recommended tools to help candidates prepare for the Certification in Management exam. It is strongly encouraged to take an instructor-led course, self-study with the Management Body of Knowledge, or complete the practice exam to help prepare for the exam experience.

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AMA Certified Professional in Management™ Candidate Handbook

AMA Certified Professional in Managementâ„¢ Candidate Handbook

Prepare for your AMA-CPM exam by downloading your complimentary AMA Certified Professional in Management Candidate Handbook.

Based upon recommendations from a committee of subject matter experts, candidates may also find these resources useful for examination preparation.

AMA-CPM Prep Courses (Instructor-Led)

Certified Professional in Management (CPM) Exam Prep Course

Classroom Exam Prep Course

AMA-CPM Exam Prep Course helps candidates explore and practice foundational skills required to be successful in management. Outlined in an authoritative body of knowledge, and as such is a valuable (though not required) resource to prepare for the AMA-CPM exam. Registration for this course includes a copy of The Management Body of Knowledge.

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Certified Professional in Management Exam Prep Express

AMA-CPM Exam Prep Express

AMA-CPM Exam Prep Express is four 3-hour online sessions led by an expert instructor over four days. This express course covers the management skills required to be a well-rounded, knowledgeable and skilled manager as covered by The Management Body of Knowledge which is included with registration.

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Certified Professional in Management Exam Prep Crash Course

AMA-CPM Exam Prep Crash Course

This accelerated, condensed crash course features a comprehensive, in-depth review focusing on the specific areas targeted by the AMA-CPM exam. This intensive 1-day review will feature practice exam questions and will explore valuable test-taking techniques and strategies. Participants will receive the AMA-CPM practice exam and the Management Body of Knowledge. Please note that this class is designed as a review course only.

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Self-Study Prep

The Management Body of Knowledge

The Management Body of Knowledge

This essential resource is AMA’s flagship publication and outlines the best combination of knowledge, skills and abilities that managers need to successfully perform and deliver results in today’s complex business world. This resource guide has been designed as the benchmark of essential management tools and key competencies. It is one of the tools that provides the necessary foundation for the AMA-CPM certification framework.

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NEW! Certified Professional in Management Exam OnDemand Prep Course

NEW! AMA-CPM OnDemand Exam Prep

Learn key management competencies on your own with this comprehensive AMA-CPM Prep Course consisting of 16 on demand lessons, one for each management competency. Each lesson is 20 minutes.

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Practice Exam

AMA-CPM Practice Exam

Assess your skills and prepare for the AMA-CPM exam.

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On-Site Exam Prep

Bring the Exam Prep Course to Your Company Location

Bring the Exam Prep Course to Your Company Location

Prepare your managers to certify as a team, conveniently at your location, for the greatest impact of management certification across your organization.

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AMA-CPM Eligibility

In order to satisfy the requirements of our certification mission, AMA has created eligibility requirements; a fair, valid and reliable examination; and ongoing maintenance of recertification requirements, through which candidates can demonstrate their management competencies.