Maximize Your Training Budget with the AMA Government Training Account
Today’s Funds for Tomorrow’s Needs

We understand the strong emphasis on making the most of your training funds and maximizing ROI—throughout the fiscal year, and particularly when it is coming to an end when allocations for training are set to expire.

To best serve our federal government clients, we’ve created flexible options to simplify the training acquisition process, letting you allocate your budget now—and extend your training timeline into the next year.

Benefits of the AMA Training Account

  • Safeguard your commitment to learning and obligate training funds
  • Simplify the acquisition process when you know your training budget but have not yet determined your specific needs
  • Adjust your training to changing skill needs and maximize effectiveness, productivity and ROI
  • Adapt to government mandates by targeting development programs to meet new criteria

How the AMA Training Account Works

A government client may purchase the training credits (up to $250,000) by reviewing the GSA PSS price list of two (2) training vendors in addition to AMA’s per FAR 8.405-1(c)(1) procedure.

Use of current fiscal year funds to pay for training during the next fiscal year is permitted under the Comptroller General’s Decision (B-238940) providing the following conditions are met:

  • The training meets a bona fide need of the current fiscal year
  • Scheduling of the course(s) must be beyond the agency’s control
  • The time between procurement and performance must not be excessive

Your AMA Training Advisor will provide you with support throughout the year, simplifying the approval and registration process.

BONUS—use your Training Account to take advantage of Special Government Offers.

For more information on how the AMA Training Account can be applied to support individual development needs and private group training, call 877-262-6004.