Get a free Manager’s Toolkit when you register for an eligible AMA Management seminar. Enhance your knowledge with on demand lessons about such topics as managing change and resolving conflict. Explore articles and whitepapers on timely subjects like virtual team leadership—and access helpful infographics to learn strategies and tools such as the SEAL approach to agility. Add more value to your career with these extras from AMA.

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OnDemand Lessons


Giving and Receiving Feedback

As a manager, one of your more critical responsibilities is to give your employees feedback on their performance. In this informative on demand lesson, learn specific tools and tips that will enable you to effectively provide and receive feedback—so that you can continuously improve your team, their performance and organizational results.


The Manager's Role During Change

The times we’re living in demand knowledge and skills in effective change management. The methodology comes in many shapes and forms—both big and small. This on demand lesson will give you insights to help you define change management for your circumstances, identify and define the need for it, and discover and better understand your role as a change leader.


Resolving Conflict in the Workplace

Effective managers hold difficult conversations calmly and assertively, and leverage potential conflict as an opportunity to enhance work relationships. Experience this on demand lesson to gain knowledge and techniques to manage conflict proactively and effectively.



The Manager's Role During Change

Whether you’re experiencing drastic change or something more gradual, you can achieve your goals by understanding change management. This methodology can help you prepare employees to be resilient and confident as they adapt to change. Get our free infographic to explore this timely topic.


3 Success Tips for Virtual Team Leaders

Working virtually has quickly become the new daily routine for so many of us—but leading a remote team presents unique challenges. Explore our free infographic on this timely topic and discover success tips to keep morale upbeat, collaborate effectively, and meet goals by making sure employees feel included.

SEAL Approach to Building Organizational Agility

SEAL Approach to Building Organizational Agility

In the midst of a crisis or unexpected challenge—such as new competitors, technologies, or sudden market shifts—a high degree of agility can help a company respond effectively and weather the storm. Explore our free infographic to learn how the SEAL model helps promote organizational agility.

Collection of Articles and Whitepapers

Whitepaper: 5 Skills Every Virtual Manager Needs to Succeed

Being a virtual manager comes with a whole new set of challenges you’ve never been trained for. Beyond your own work, you’re now charged with helping others succeed without face-to-face contact. In this White Paper, explore the 5 essential skills you’ll need in order to be effective in this role.

Skills for Effectively Coaching a Virtual Team

As with in-person teams, successful virtual teams are all about effective working relationships, clear communication, interpersonal dynamics, and other factors. Explore this complimentary article to learn how you can ensure your virtual team is delivering the level of performance you need.

The Virtual Team Member’s Toolbox for Staying Emotionally Healthy

The tumultuous circumstances in the world due to COVID-19 are causing increased anxiety, anger, depression, and fear. For those not used to working remotely, new daily routines add even more stress. Explore our complimentary article for some healthy coping mechanisms for people working virtually.

How to Be a Value-Added Virtual Team Member

When working remotely, it’s crucial to take steps to establish your presence and communicate effectively in the virtual arena. You also need skills to resolve differences, foster trust and much more. Explore our free article for valuable insights to help enhance your value as a virtual team member.