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Effective DE&I polices and practices are essential for your organization’s success, as well as its entire future. But knowing is different from practicing. Go from learning diversity, equity and inclusion principles to living them—with comprehensive solutions from AMA.

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D&I Success Depends on Having The Right Solutions

An impactful D&I program is good for business. In fact, employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to perform their best work.*

However, participant responses in a recent D&I survey conducted by AMA indicate that simply having a D&I policy in place does not effectively solve the problem of discriminatory practices, whether deliberate or unconscious:


have been discriminated against in the workplace


have found themselves guilty of unconscious bias in the workplace


have witnessed unconscious bias by someone else in the workplace


believe their organization's D&I policy is not properly implemented

*As reported by Salesforce

Clearly, the check-the-box D&I approach that many organizations adopt doesn’t get the job done. 

Whether your goal is to enhance the effectiveness of your present D&I program, or establish a new initiative, bring meaningful change to your organization with AMA’s comprehensive solutions. Our D&I experts have all of the knowledge, tools and resources necessary to help you implement a unique D&I solution specific to your organization’s precise needs—in the format and approach you prefer.

AMA has a variety of learning formats and effective, practical solutions to help you meet your development requirements for:

AMA will partner with your organization to assess current D&I skills, pinpoint gaps and identify development opportunities. We can recommend the right combination of content and the most suitable learning formats for your specific needs.

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"The content was very thorough and the capstone project was very helpful in letting us practice. I found the exercises enlightening and appreciated the change to self-reflect."

Maryann A., Senior Recruitment Specialist, Private Funding,
Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program, July 2020 

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