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Alan Trefler on Keeping an Eye on Consumers

In his book, Build for Change: Revolutionary Customer Engagement through Continuous Digital Innovation , Alan Trefler discusses the divergence that is becoming more and more visible between successful leading companies and the not so successful companies. Trefler argues that consumers are becoming m

Alan Willett on Leading the Unleadable

We've all worked with someone who was a diva or a Debbie Downer. Sometimes we wonder why we don't just fire them. Alan Willett is here to defend them: they usually have a good reason and there were warning signs all along. Alan joins us with some advice from his new book, Leading the Unleadable , pu

Alex Frankel on Working Undercover at America’s Top Companies

Curious to know just what happens behind the "employees only" doors of big companies, journalist Alex Frankel embarked on an undercover reporting project to find out how some of America's well-known companies win the hearts and minds of their retail and service employees. Punching In (HarperCollins,

Alex Kjerulf on How to Love Your Job, Love Your Life and Excel All Year Long

When people love their jobs, they are more productive, creative and motivated. They’re also happier in life. Similarly, happy companies find they are more efficient, innovative and make more money than their unhappy competitors.

Alex Tapscott on the Blockchain Revolution

You've probably heard of bitcoin, probably as a means of payment for shady business deals. Bitcoin is about to get a lot more legit as the ways of ensuring cyber security and trust become more and more evolved. Alex Tapscott , author of Blockchain Revolution , joins us to talk about this emerging te

Alexandra Levit on Finding the Job and Employment Success

Alexandra Levit , author of the book Blind Spots: Ten Business Myths You Can’t Afford to Believe on Your New Path to Success discusses her book in which she points out the biggest myths of business success and the things people believe that don’t work for most of the truly successful. In this editio

Alexandra Levit on Harnessing the Next Generation Workforce

Alexandra Levit is the author of They Don't Teach Corporate in College , a practical guide that delivers the vital information junior corporate employees need to succeed in today's tough business climate. As the founder of the career consultancy Inspiration at Work, Alexandra advises both companies

Alice Adams on Bridging the Gender Divide at Work

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. This popular summation of the gender divide is given a lot of credence in the workplace. But the fact is that working women and men are far more alike than commonly realized—and managers who understand that can develop lasting, productive gender equity at wor

Alison Green on Difficult Conversations as a Kindness

After 11 years of writing the popular and informative Ask a Manager blog, Alison Green has seen it all, from dramatic exit interviews to the myriad ways our coworkers can get on our nerves. Throughout all the advice there seemed to be a common refrain: just talk about it. Now she's written a book ca

Allen Adamson and Joel Steckel and the Increasing Rate of Change

"What's your five year plan?" It's a classic interview question that just isn't relevant anymore, now that the market landscape can be radically different within months, never mind years. Allen Adamson and Joel Steckel , authors of the new book Shift Ahead , join us to talk about companies and brand