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Anne Marie Knott on Measuring Your Company's IQ

We know people can be measured on a scale on intelligence, but what if we could do the same for businesses? Our guest Anne Marie Knott has done just that. She's here to talk about her RQ scale and how she uses it to measure the innovation output for companies worldwide.

Annette Simmons on Telling the Best Story

Want to be remembered? Become a great storyteller and you'll be unforgettable. It's actually easier than it sounds, with great tips for finding the storyteller in yourself in the newly revised edition of Annette Simmons ' classic Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins .

Annie McKee on Becoming a Resonant Leader

Exceptional leaders capture passion. They lead for real: from the heart, smart and focused on the future, and with a commitment to being their very best. A new book, Becoming a Resonant Leader , by Annie McKee , Richard Boyatzis and Frances Johnston, talks about the concept of leadership resonance.

Ash Seddeek on Being a Leader of Leaders

AMA Faculty member and author Ash Seddeek joins us to review some of FranklinCovey's 7 Habits and share some of the things he's learned from his years as an executive coach. and trainer

Asi Burak on Learning from Video Games

Good news! All that time you've spent playing video games is actually good for you. Asi Burak , coauthor, along with Laura Parker, of Power Play: How Video Games Can Change the World , is here to talk about how playing video games can be beneficial to learning as well as what other companies should

Aviad Meitar on Refreshing Romania with Pepsi

A familiar brand in America but overseas, Pepsi was not a household name until now. In his new book, An Unimaginable Journey: How Pepsi Beat the Odds in Romania , Aviad Meitar explains how Romania as an emerging economy was poised to become a significant trade partner with the rest of Europe and ove

Barry Libert on How "We" Are Smarter Than "Me"

Online Social Networking is a reality. The millions of people who have a Facebook or MySpace page, or anyone who uses Wikipedia or Google, knows this. But for today's companies, the question remains, how can we profit from the crowds who are swarming all over the internet? Drawing on their own resea

Ben Parr on How to Get and Maintain Attention

Ben Parr , author of Captivology: The Science of Capturing People's Attention , joins us with multiple case studies of brands and organizations who used marketing and social media effectively to keep the public's attention. Whether it's a 75 year old brand or a charity organization or an individual

Ben Waber on New Ways to Track Productivity

To increase productivity, how many seats should be at the cafeteria table? Before, the best answer was a guess or simply "who cares?" However, in an increasingly knowledge-work and collaboration-focused world, factors like who you sit with at lunch and who you chat with in the hallway start to matte

Beth Fisher-Yoshida and Kathy Geller on Transnational Leadership

Transnational Leadership Development by Beth Fisher-Yoshida and Kathy Geller acquaints readers with the paradoxes and mental processes leaders need to relate successfully to people with different backgrounds, cultures, and societal identities. The book advises readers on how leaders may learn to see