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William Cohen on Peter Drucker and Practicality

Peter Drucker is a renowned thought leader in the business world. While his name is synonymous with management theory, sometimes it takes some work to turn that theory into practice. Enter William Cohen, former student and protegee of Peter Drucker himself. His new book

William F Baker on Art as a Business

Artists usually chose their profession for the love of the craft but if they don't have some business skills they're going to get left behind. William F. Baker, co-author of The World's Your Stage<

William Schiemann on Reinventing Talent Management

Over the past 10 or so years talent management has become something of an HR hurrah term. The extent to which all the hubbub has led to tangible results is quite another issue. Dr. William Schiemann’s

William Rothwell on Leveraging a Seasoned Talent Pool

While many employers have traditionally viewed their younger employees as their most precious assets, the truth is that their more seasoned workers are often their most valuable. In his new book, Working Longer (AMACOM), William J Rothwell gives recruiters, managers, and trainers th

William Seidman on What Drives Star Employees

There's an easy way to pinpoint a Star Employee: It's the person you wish you could clone to do every job in the company. While that's wishful thinking, Stars tend to have an effect on the people around them and their enthusiasm becomes infectious.  William Seidman, coauthor with Ri

Winners of the 2007 Alliance Awards on Strategic Alliance Excellence

Strategic alliances and partnerships play a crucial role in growing businesses in today's marketplace. But for every success story, there are numerous perils and pitfalls waiting to cause alliances to fail; so what are the secrets to strategic alliance success? The Association for Strategic Alliance

Winter Nie and William Dowell on Chinese Expansion

Foxconn, a Chinese factory that produces Apple's, among other's, products, made a lot of news this year due to allegedly appalling working conditions and low wages. According to Winter Nie and William Dowell, authors of the new AMACOM book In the Shadow of the D