Blended Learning FAQs

What is AMAs Blended Learning solution?

AMA Blended Learning is a combination or blend of convergent training strategies designed to create an optimum learning experience for the AMA customer. We combine the proven effectiveness of the live Workshop experience with targeted Web-based Pre- and Post-Workshop content to enable the learner and his or her organization to truly measure the success of the transfer of learning. Additional blended components can include recorded Webinars, job aids, videos, online resources, etc.this solution enables the learner and his or her organization to maximize the success of the overall training goals. On-site customers may require a customized blend to meet their specific learning objectives and we will work to meet those needs in a separate format.

Why is Blended Learning a more effective way to learn?

Our Blended Learning capabilities can significantly improve job performance through knowledge acquisition, retention and subject mastery. AMAs Blended Learning includes the following components:

In the Pre-Workshop phase

  • Aligns the participants learning expectations to the Workshop content by providing them with easy access to Workshop goals and objectives.
  • Offers the participant a Pre-Assessment based on the Workshop learning objectives to create a baseline measurement of their knowledge, as well as highlight areas of strength and weakness.
  • Creates a customized Learning Plan, based on their assessment results, that participants can share with their manager to ensure knowledge gained will be applied to increased workplace performance.

In the Post-Workshop phase

  • Transfer of knowledge from the live portion of the Workshop is measured via a Post-Assessment.
  • Using a Prescriptive Learning approach, customized Tune-up Courses are delivered to close any knowledge gaps, giving the participant the ability to gain 100% mastery of the course content.
  • Resources and tools are also provided to help apply the new knowledge in the workplace.

What is AMAs Blended Learning Assessment Methodology?

Our assessment methodology begins before the Workshop and is directly tied to the learning objectives of the live segment and culminates in the Post-Workshop phase. We begin by reviewing Workshop objectives that align the learner with the organizations goals for the course (e.g., factoring in the relevant learning materials with the expectations of the participants manager). Using Pre-Workshop Assessments, we measure the knowledge and skill level of the participants prior to the course, as well as their personal objectives for the program this enables us to identify key areas that each attendee needs to focus on.

After the Workshop concludes, a Post-Assessment is conducted that measures individual knowledge acquisition and retention. Based upon the outcome, we provide tune-up content to close any knowledge gaps, as well as a spectrum of online and offline materials, such as: Webinar recordings, job aids, videos, white papers and online resources these allow participants to continue to sharpen their skills and knowledge well after the Workshop. The ultimate goal is to effect skill level, individual performance and behavior change back on the job.

How do participants access the online materials?

AMAs Blended Learning online tools and materials are Web-based but may also include printed materials, which are sent to the workshop participants.

For Web-based: Participant access is gained simply by the use of a standard Web browser to connect to AMAs Website. No plug-ins are needed to use the online materials.

AMA can deliver standards-compliant course files for your organization to run on an in-house Learning Management System (LMS).

Where are the seminars held?

That's one of the great things about AMA. We can conduct Workshops either at one of our learning facilities, on-site at a clients facility, or at a third-party location- whichever best meets the needs of our client.