Analytical Skills

Analytical skills—qualitative and quantitative—give you fire power. You can leverage valuable knowledge and quickly seize unseen opportunities for growth and success. This certificate enables you to find, analyze and transform information so you can build better strategies and make more effective decisions.

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AMA Certificate in Analytics Skills (Level 1)

For business professionals who want to enhance their thinking process, learn basic analytical skills and utilize Microsoft Excel® and PowerPoint® to create basic charts and graphs in order to make more successful business decisions.

Upon completion, you will have competencies and a solid foundation to help you:

  • Assess the credibility of information, compare conflicting opinions and be able to support your conclusions with evidence
  • Translate abstract ideas into tangible results and generate breakthrough solutions
  • Learn fundamental best practices in data visual design to clearly demonstrate patterns, trends and correlations


3 AMA Seminars to be completed within 24 months from purchase date.

  1. Developing Your Analytical Skills
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. How to Turn Data into Compelling Visual Presentations

Maximum Continuing Education Credits/Accreditation upon Completion

3.6 CEUs – 24 PDUs – 28 CPEs—30 CPUs Note: Professional credits awarded vary—Check individual seminars for details.

Price: $3,495

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