Business is demanding more from its workforce than ever.

After interviewing over 2,000 managers and executives from many of the world's leading corporations, American Management Association identified four skills that have been articulated within each organization as priorities for employee development, strategic planning, and talent management.

Critical Thinking: Everybody makes assumptions. Critical thinkers know how to break through and separate the opportunity from the glut.

Creativity: Sometimes the answer is right in front of you. Learn how to break out of established patterns and look for the unexpected.

Collaboration: The ability to thrive in a team setting while demonstrating tact, reason, and persuasion is critical to your management success.

Communication: Quality written and oral communication is not only about expressing your views, it's about making your views understood. Someone has to do the work—it shouldn't be your audience.

Today's workforce needs to be able to navigate a continuous stream of information, trends, and practices in a fast-paced, competitive global economy. Today's workforce needs creativitycollaboration skillscommunication skills, and the ability to think criticallyThese are the sought-after skills today's business demands—these are the skills that define success.