Lisa Gansky on Collaborating to Get Ahead of the Competition

Published: Jan 24, 2019

Lisa Gansky talks about collaboration as the new trend for successful businesses. Toyota has rolled out a new ad campaign for the football season. In it, a mother worries about her son being hurt while he plays football for his high school. She tells us that since Toyota did testing on their cars to protect against head injuries, they decided to share their findings with football equipment manufacturers so helmets will be safer as well. So now the mother is more confident, both in her car and her son’s health. This ad is a perfect example of what Lisa Gansky calls The Mesh, the title of her new book, recommended by both Seth Godin and Dan Pink. Companies, like Toyota, who share information, rather than hoard it away, can still use this to their advantage in their marketing or simply in the new alliances they make with sister organizations.AMA_Edgewise_1050.mp3