John Quelch on Best Marketing Practices in a Recession

Published: Jan 24, 2019

When J. Byrne Murphy moved to France in the early 1990s to launch the European division of MacArthur Glen, a company that operates high fashion outlet malls, he was sure the venture would be a slam dunk. The MacArthur Glen concept had been a tremendous success in America, and the fashion loving European market seemed like a natural fit. But, as he describes in his new book, Le Deal: How a Young American, in Business, in Love, and in Over His Head, Kick-Started a Multibillion Dollar Industry in Europe, what Murphy didn’t realize was that he was walking into a political, perfect storm of anti American sentiment and protectionist policies that included the Prime Minister of France declaring a moratorium on all new retail development across the country. For additional training on this topic, consider these AMA seminars: * The 21st Century Global Leader * Fundamentals of Purchasing for the New Buyer * Import/Export Procedures and Documentation To learn more, read these AMACOM Books: International Logistics by Donald F. Wood, Anthony Barone, Paul Murphy, Daniel L. Wardlow Export/Import Procedures and Documentation by Thomas E. Johnson Global Sourcing Logistics by Thomas A. Cook Rebuilding Brand America by Dick MartinJohn Quelch is the author of Greater Good: How Good Marketing Makes for Better Democracy. John was one of ten marketing experts profiled in the 2007 book, Conversations with Marketing Masters, authored by Laura Mazur and Louella Miles. A professor at Harvard Business School since 1979, he is known worldwide for his research on global marketing, global branding and marketing communications.AMA_Edgewise_0906.mp3