J. Byrne Murphy on the Best Ways to Do Business Overseas

Published: Jan 24, 2019

In a follow-up to his popular 2008 Edgewise interview , Tim Sanders talks about how the "make a difference" factor is revolutionizing brand building, and how companies not paying attention to this change in marketing and mission branding are at the verge of obsolescence. Sanders offers practical advice every individual and company can use to make the world a better place–now and in the future. In Saving the World at Work, Tim Sanders offers concrete suggestions on how all of us can help our companies join the Responsibility Revolution. Drawing on extensive interviews with hundreds of employees and CEOs, and illuminated by countless stories of people who are making a difference in the workplace and in the world, Tim Sanders is the author of Love Is the Killer App and a top speaker on the lecture circuit. He was the chief solutions officer at Yahoo!Inc. from 2001to 2005, where he worked on next-generation business strategies. He has been featured in Time and USA TODAY, and has appeared on Today, CNN, Fox and Friends, Tucker Carlson, and on national radio. To learn more, read these AMACOM Books: * The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook Edited by Jeana Wirtenberg, PhD, William G. Russell, David Lipsky, PhDWhen J. Byrne Murphy moved to France in the early 1990s to launch the European division of MacArthur Glen, a company that operates high fashion outlet malls, he was sure the venture would be a slam dunk. The MacArthur Glen concept had been a tremendous success in America, and the fashion loving European market seemed like a natural fit. But, as he describes in his new book, Le Deal: How a Young American, in Business, in Love, and in Over His Head, Kick-Started a Multibillion Dollar Industry in Europe, what Murphy didn’t realize was that he was walking into a political, perfect storm of anti American sentiment and protectionist policies that included the Prime Minister of France declaring a moratorium on all new retail development across the country.AMA_Edgewise_0907.mp3