Cass Wheeler on How to Achieve Purpose Beyond Profit

Published: Jan 24, 2019

John Quelch is the author of Greater Good: How Good Marketing Makes for Better Democracy. John was one of ten marketing experts profiled in the 2007 book, Conversations with Marketing Masters, authored by Laura Mazur and Louella Miles. A professor at Harvard Business School since 1979, he is known worldwide for his research on global marketing, global branding and marketing communications. John is a non-executive director of WPP Group plc, the world’s second largest marketing services company, and of Pepsi Bottling Group. He served previously as a director of Reebok International. For additional training on this topic, consider these AMA seminars: * Fundamentals of Marketing: Your Action Plan for Success * Measuring and Maximizing Marketing ROI * AMA's Advanced Course in Strategic Marketing * Market Research: How to Get the Right Data to Make the Right Decisions To learn more, read these AMACOM Books: Powerhouse Marketing Plans by Winslow "Bud" Johnson Effective E-Mail Marketing by Herschell Gordon Lewis Be a Network Marketing Superstar by Mary Christensen, Wayne ChristensenWe all know that the definition for success in the corporate world is fairly straightforward. To be considered great, companies first need to turn a profit. For organizations in the social sector, however, the challenge is much bigger. To be truly effective, they must stay relevant and, above all, stay true to their mission. For the past thirty-five years, Cass Wheeler has ensured that the American Heart Association has fulfilled its calling to save lives and educate the public about heart disease by adopting some of the same strategies used in the for-profit sector.

In You’ve Gotta Have Heart, he shows people at all levels of a nonprofit how to make sure their hard work really pays off. Using examples of some of the American Heart Association and others, Wheeler reveals the leadership skills that will help employees, volunteers, and board members excel at their jobs, become good role models, and build a more visionary, creative, and disciplined nonprofit organization.