Ann Evanston on Successful Twitter-preneurship

Published: Jan 24, 2019

The Management 500 (AMACOM Books) provides practical management lessons drawn from the history of professional auto racing. With insights and stories from some of the most successful people in Formula 1, IndyCar Series, and NASCAR over the past 60 years including Lee White, President of Toyota Racing Development and Ed Laukes, head of Toyota Motorsports, consultant Dan Coughlin shows busy managers how they can rev up their skills in areas like leadership, teamwork, strategy, branding, problem-solving, change management and innovation, and get their company running in high gear. Dan Coughlin is a management consultant and keynote speaker, whose clients include Toyota, McDonald’s, Abbott, Marriott, Coca-Cola, YPO, Boeing, the St. Louis Cardinals, and more than 150 other organizations. For additional training on this topic, consider these AMA seminars: * Improving Your Managerial Effectiveness * Performance Management: Minimizing Stress, Maximizing Effectiveness * Successfully Managing People To learn more, read these AMACOM Books: * The Management 500 by Dan CoughlinMore and more people believe that social networking on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and now Twitter, make business sense. but how do you do it right without wasting tons of time and energy?

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