AMA Live Online Sessions are interactive and targeted learning events that are delivered using Adobe Connect, AMA’s webcasting tool.

The purpose of a live online session is to gather the group of learners in a live online environment, before and/or after the in-person learning seminar. The goal(s) of the instructional design of the live online can include:

  • Preparing the learners
  • Reviewing key content to ensure understanding
  • Participating in content application exercises or scenarios
  • Extension of the blended learning beyond the live seminar content
  • Anyone can participate, regardless of their location or distance.
  • Helps to ensure that the learning is applied on the job.

live online sessions will further expand AMA’s Blended Learning solution. Until recently, the AMA Blended Learning model focused primarily on Measurement—the model is now expanding to include Connectedness. Live online sessions enable learners to connect with subject matter experts and each other, without the time and expense of connecting in a physical location.

How does a live online session benefit my organization?

  • Provides valuable continued learning events for your employees, without having to expend the time and money on connecting in a physical environment

  • Employees can participate in a live online learning session regardless of location; with an internet connection and a telephone, they can join from anywhere

  • A live online session helps to bring the learning back to the workplace and helps to ensure that what is learned is actually applied on the job

  • In a live online session, the learner is able to interact with the subject matter expert and his peers, which gives him the opportunity to ask very specific questions about the subject matter, how to apply the learning on the job he is implementing the learning into practice, sources for additional resources, etc.

The Types of live online Sessions

Live online sessions can be delivered at any stage prior to or following the in-person seminar. We have the following types of live online sessions available:

Before the In-person Seminar

In the pre-seminar phase, a live online session can be used in multiple ways to kick-off the instructor-led event. It allows the learner to have direct access to a subject matter expert and interaction with fellow learners prior to the seminar.

After the In-person Seminar

After the in-person seminar, live online sessions can be used in a number of beneficial ways. A live online session will be designed to meet your needs, but here are some common examples:

  1. Content Reinforcement: During the interactive Content Reinforcement live online support session, the instructor may review the seminar’s most challenging material, approaching it from a new and different angle and including fresh examples and context. If applicable, seminar post-test results, evaluation inputs, or both, can dictate the area of focus for any Content Reinforcement live online support session. 

  2. Knowledge/Skills Application: During the interactive Knowledge/Skills Application live online support session, learners apply their new knowledge and skills to actual examples from their job or in scenarios that they may experience on the job. Learners leave this application session ready to use their new knowledge and skills at work. If applicable, seminar post-test results, evaluation inputs, or both, dictate the area of focus for the session.

  3. Extension of Content: An extension of content live online session is modeled to introduce new topics that are not necessarily covered during the instructor-led seminar. These live online learning sessions enable the instructor (subject matter expert) to provide participants a deeper dive into issues/topic areas that are important to your organization that go beyond the information covered during live training.

Frequently Asked Questions About Live Online Sessions

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