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Industry: Food and support services
# of Employees: 220,000
Headquarters: Charlotte, NC
Success stories are all over the place. Top-notch people share this common language and common background.

—Larry Trn, Facilitator

  • Business Challenge

    Recognized as one of America’s top employers by Forbes 2015, Compass is committed to preparing employees for great careers. One demonstration of that is Meridian, the company’s management training program at company headquarters in Charlotte, NC, started in response to rapid growth triggered by acquisitions and expansion into new business segments. Functional managers needed to master higher-level competencies so they could move into leadership roles.

  • AMA Solution.

    Compass and American Management Association (AMA) share the instruction. Day-long workshops are led by AMA instructors using AMA course content. Online electives are from AMA as well. Larry Trn facilitates the Connections component, which challenges delegates to apply general principles to specific situations and develop action plans based on fictional (and fun) case studies with titles like Cosmic Pizza, Jet Purple, and Rooster of the Sea.

  • Results.

    The program has proven exceptionally effective over time, with a high graduation rate, numerous promotions and an impressive retention percentage. Trn describes AMA as “a partner like no other” for its role in this training success story. Those measures of success indicate not only a strong program but an agile one, evolving to align with corporate goals despite dramatic changes in the workplace and the world in general.

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