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American Management Association Announces AMA Enterprise



American Management Association (AMA) officially launched AMA Enterprise at the ASTD 2011 International Conference today in Orlando, Florida. The newly rebranded division offers expanded capabilities designed to transform the talent of organizations to achieve business excellence.

“While AMA is well-known for its public training workshops that help to transform talent one person at a time, AMA Enterprise leverages its vast resources to transform the performance of entire organizations,” said Sandi Edwards, Senior Vice President of AMA Enterprise. “Utilizing state of the art learning methods, AMA Enterprise provides customized training solutions to develop leaders and enhance workforce performance through experiential learning, customized training, assessments and classroom and virtual delivery.”

Edwards observed that it has also become clear that future leaders will not emerge simply from just formal curriculums. “Human capital development and training will have to more swiftly adapt to shifting organizational priorities. Development will continue to be more customized, focused on specific business results and created just in time to meet immediate needs. What happens in development will reflect the expressed corporate agenda. Development must incorporate varied methodologies, focused content and continually flex to meet ever changing business needs.”

“Learning and development needs to encompass building organizational agility” noted Edwards. “The more the talent in the organization is innovative and adaptable, the greater the ability to shift with market dynamics. Moreover, in today’s rapidly changing business climate, that can make or break competitive advantage.”

AMA Enterprise is headed by Sandi Edwards, Senior Vice President, who reports directly to Edward Reilly, President and Chief Executive Officer, AMA.

About AMA Enterprise
With more than 85 years of experience and headquartered in New York, American Management Association (www.amanet.org) is a global leader of comprehensive talent development.  AMA Enterprise, a specialized division of AMA dedicated to building corporate and government solutions, transforms enterprise-wide talent to fuel a culture of innovation, high performance and optimal business results.