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What is Business Agility?

How can it help your business?

Business agility helps organizations respond more quickly to market changes, develops and enhances their creative problem solving skills and improves overall organizational resiliency.

Studies have shown that agile businesses respond to market changes 71% faster and 70% of agile companies rank in the top quartile for organizational health.

What does AMA offer that can grow these skills in your organization?

AMA has been at the forefront of leadership training for nearly a century. Their expert instructors and quality courses have helped numerous Fortune 500 businesses and business professionals each year. The courses below target skills that agile businesses need to stay flexible, competitive, and healthy. Learn more by reading the course descriptions. For businesses that wish to leverage multiple courses to build these skills, AMA recommends the Annual Pass, a special pass that offers 140 seminars and 40 live online courses and webinars for only $4,495.00

Business agility training

Become an Agile Business

So how do you start on the path to becoming a more agile business? We’ve mapped the core business agility skills to some of AMA’s most popular training.

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How Does Training Employees in These Skills Improve Business Agility?


Strategic thinking and innovation keeps the wheels moving and helps businesses grow beyond the status quo. This skill is essential during times of unexpected turbulence.

time management

Time Management
Time management skills help keep things efficient, allowing progress to happen faster and reducing time spent on tasks that aren’t driving value for the business.


Having vision and being creative does little good if you can’t effectively convey the value of that vision to others. Our public speaking and interpersonal skills courses will help you influence and win over any crowd.

Analytical/Critical thinking skills

Analytical/Critical thinking skills
An analytical mind has the power to assess a situation and ask critical questions. Learning Analytical thinking and the tools that accompany it will give anyone a competitive advantage.

process management

Process Management
Process is critical to success in any business. AMA offers both general process training and training in process frameworks like Agile.


Success requires leadership that embodies these qualities, but leadership itself requires training. AMA’s leadership training is award-winning.


How Does Training Employees in These Skills Improve Business Agility?

  • Whether it’s a natural disaster, a supply chain interruption, or an unplanned loss, an organization with these skills can quickly pull together and formulate a new plan for moving forward.
  • During the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic numerous businesses have shifted their strategy on the fly, offering new products and services seemingly overnight that address our new reality. These business circumvented red tape and bureaucracy using established processes, creativity, and analytical skills to ensure they were making the right call at the right time. As a result, their agility kept them in business.
  • While an extreme example to be sure, there are many reasons a business might need to shift directions suddenly. More importantly, even if a business shift isn’t required, these are skills that help any organization grow.
  • Empower your team to be leaders in your organization. Start your business agility training today.

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