American Management Association Introduces Artificial Intelligence Learning Resources to Help Organizations Prepare for AI's Impact


NEW YORK, Feb. 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- American Management Association International (AMA), a world leader in professional development, announces its suite of new Artificial Intelligence (AI) courses and learning tools so organizations can better understand, prepare for and succeed with Artificial Intelligence. Since studies suggest most organizations are not yet prepared for what AI may bring, AMA has developed these special seminars, research and on-demand eLearning courses to equip professionals, leaders and organizations with greater awareness of AI—and support them in developing strategies to manage and achieve success with it.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has world-changing implications on the scale of the invention of the Internet or The Industrial Revolution. Its capabilities and impact on the world of business are already accelerating at an exponential pace.

According to AMA President & Chief Executive Officer Manny Avramidis, "If you haven't developed a leadership strategy to help your team understand and leverage AI, to put fears they may have about it in proper perspective, and to recognize the potential around it—then today is the time to start."

The growth of Artificial Intelligence technology presents definite risks, but also great rewards if it's properly utilized. To assess where businesses are today, AMA recently conducted a nationwide survey with the results summarized in AMA's report, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Booming but US Companies Are Not Ready. Among its many interesting findings, only 43% of respondents said their companies plan to use AI, and less than a third have already leveraged the technology.

When asked if their companies had an AI strategy, 83% said they didn't or weren't sure. The results also suggest employees are ready to embrace AI—42% indicated they're using AI tools—but without a centralized directive from management. In addition, 89% said training would be helpful in implementing AI in their organization. Because of these and similar results, the report warns that companies may quickly find themselves falling behind their competitors.

AMA has therefore developed its Artificial Intelligence (AI) Business Essentials Certificate Program, a course for all professionals that can help them build practical knowledge about the tools, rewards, risks and opportunities of AI. They'll also gain an understanding of the technology, how they're already using it and the opportunities it presents.

To address the crucial importance of leadership in using AI, the new AMA seminar Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy for Business Leaders was created to help leaders learn how organizations are applying AI to existing and new business models. In the program, they can also explore tools for accelerating their organization's digital strategy to seize AI opportunities, avoid risks, and improve outcomes. On-demand lessons are also being introduced.

While AMA won't train professionals in the technical aspects of AI, these programs, as well as other AI learning resources, will help them better recognize how AI can impact their jobs and business, formulate plans to communicate, manage and leverage it, and create responsible implementation strategies for their teams.

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