You're a practiced trainer aspiring to become the authority on training within your organization. As world-leading professional trainers, we at American Management association believe that success as a leader depends on three things: vision, flexibility, and influence.

Vision: Don't just stay a step ahead of rapidly changing business demands, be the one who can explain where business is going so that your organization embraces new directions rather than simply following trends.

Flexibility: Great leaders know that all plans change when theories are put into practice. You need the skills and methods that help you make the hard, real-time decisions that are the hallmarks of effective leaders.

Influence: The best leaders create more new leaders than they create followers. These are the leaders whose teams, when a task is accomplished, say 'we did it ourselves.'

Our programs will help you utilize these three leadership skills and apply them to your career as an authority in training. You will learn:

  • Marketing: Use marketing skills, tools and techniques to effectively market training courses within your organization.
  • Strategic Planning: Learn how to make training a fundamental part of strategic planning.
  • Finance: When it comes to the bottom line, everything boils down to dollars and cents. Master budget management and teach participants to translate their performance into financial terms.
  • C-suite Communication: Communicate effectively to C-suite executives to prove the value of training.
  • Technology: Make the rapid pace change of learning technology your opportunity and not your challenge.

For a complete listing of AMA seminars, Webcasts, and articles on Training for the Advanced Trainer, see below.



Fundamentals of Marketing: Your Action Plan for Success #5512
If you're new to marketing and need a basicyet thoroughoverview, this seminar is for you. In just three days, you'll learn the fundamentals behind successful marketing.


 Proving the Value of Training to the C-Suite: The Language of Bottom-Line Results #17193
In this Webcast, Jim Kirkpatrick explains ways to speak the language and demonstrate the value of learning to the bottom line.


The Courageous Training Code excerpted from Courageous Training, by Tim Mooney and Robert O. Brinkenhoff.  'The Courageous Training Code is, like the Hippocratic Oath for physicians, a set of principles that is intended to guide conduct and action.'



Fundamentals of Strategic Planning #2565
Improve your knowledge of strategic planning to understand what senior management is thinking and whyand increase your value to your organization. 


The Myth, Mystery and Science of Talent Management #17222
During this insightful Webcast, you'll hear how and why predictive assessment tools work and ways they can be implemented to manage and develop your company's present and future talent. 

Using Talent Management to Build a Culture of Excellence #17559
In this Webcast, you'll go over the five-step talent management system and use it to build a culture of excellence within your company or organization. 


Training the Talented, the Ritz-Carlton Way
Across the world, the Ritz-Carlton is synonymous with excellent customer service and exquisite hospitality. This white paper takes a look at what training methods they use to maintain their excellence.

Polish With


Finance for the Non-Financial Manager #2218
In today's business world, when every manager is held accountable for the bottom line, you have to be finance savvy. You've got to know how to justify a request, quantify your contributions to the company and spot profit drains immediately. Because whether you're a wizard of finance or a nonfinancial manager, performance is measured the same wayin dollars and cents


How to Build a High-Performance Organization #17587
In this Webcast, you'll take a look at what factors boost organizational performance.

Social Networking: Using the Latest Tools to Support Learning and Talent Management #17232
In this Webcast, you will explore social networking tools, discuss successful corporate case studies, and receive advice to help you develop a strategy for planning and implementing similar projects in your organization.


Heads Up Leaders: It's Time to Make 'Friends' with Web 2.0 by Matthew Fraser, Ph.D. and Soumitra Dutta, Ph.D. In this white paper, you will learn how to use web 2.0 to transform your life, work and world.