Your Journey to Executive: Insights from Women Executives

Published: Jan 24, 2019
Modified: Mar 20, 2019

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Interestingly, 95% of IBM executive women who participated in a recent study felt that consistent high performance was the most important factor in their advancement within IBM. 

But in a company with so many high performers, finding appropriate ways to stand out and separate yourself from the rest is also an important element in your success. 

This webcast shares the insights, experiences and recommendations gathered from over 450 interviews with IBM executive women, including:

  • Ways to be more visible
  • How to plan your career
  • Advice on integrating your work and life




Jennifer Howland is the executive of IBM’s Pathways Program for experienced technical women, a worldwide program to develop and implement bold actions to increase the representation of women in IBM's technical executive positions by attracting, recruiting, developing and promoting experienced mid-career technical women into these leadership roles.  Jennifer's 29 years in IBM as an engineer, manager and executive has spanned a full range of responsibilities including engineering, strategy, product and services development, business and process transformation and service delivery. Through her numerous management and executive-level roles in male-dominated environments, she has always been passionate about helping women advance in their careers.