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Jan 24, 2019

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A Framework for Leadership Success

Andrea Jung, the glamorous former head of Avon, was arguably the world’s most charismatic and effective CEO, credited with the astonishing turnaround of the venerable brand. She seemed incapable of making a wrong move. Then, in the midst of declining sales, an investigation by the SEC, and a brand in crisis, she stepped down in late 2012.

During this webcast, former Avon VP  and current leadership development consultant Deborrah Himsel will use examples from Jung’s story to explore valuable leadership lessons that can help keep today’s global executive at the top of their game.

These lessons focus on the strategic imperatives we all wrestle with in a business environment of ever-increasing volatility and complexity.

The objective of this program is to focus your attention on crucial actions that are often overlooked or not even considered — actions that are especially imperative now and in the years ahead. This includes:

  • Understanding your organization’s place in its evolutionary cycle
  • Developing a robust succession plan 
  • Finding the right mix of people, policies, and processes that drive the organization forward
  • Aligning culture and strategy
  • Being extraordinarily vigilant in at-risk global markets
  • Fighting second-order gender bias

Whether you’re a young manager just starting out or a mid-career executive, this webcast offers you perceptive lessons in why twenty-first century leaders succeed and why they fail.



Deborah Himsel is the author of Beauty Queen:  Inside the Reign of Avon's Andrea Jung and Leadership Sopranos Style.  From 1999 to 2005, she worked alongside Andrea Jung at Avon as vice president of Global Organization Effectiveness.  A former vice president of Deutsche Bank, Himsel is a leadership consultant for such Fortune 500 companies as Johnson & Johnson, KPMG, Exxon/Mobil, Bain, Citigroup, and Walmart.  She teaches at Thunderbird School of Global Management and The Helsinki School of Economics at Aalto University.  She has been featured in various media, including Fox News, CNBC, and Bloomberg, and she wrote commentary on The Apprentice for USA Today