The Art of Managing Risk in Your Project Portfolio

Published: Jan 24, 2019
Modified: Mar 19, 2019

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Even if you are well-versed in project risk management, you may be unaware of the complexities of managing these risks across a suite of projects.

Done properly, management of risk at the project portfolio level can deliver significant value to your organization. It's your job to ensure that you have an adequate balance of low-, medium- and high-risk projects in the pipeline at any given time—to maximize your resources and avoid portfolio meltdown.

How do you assess the impact of a specific risk? For example, how do schedule risks affect not just one project, but your entire portfolio?

In this one-hour Webcast, you'll discover the basics of:

  • Identifying the three critical aspects of project risk
  • Assessing and managing project risk to avoid portfolio meltdown
  • How to differentiate between portfolio risk and single-project risk
  • Taking overall portfolio risk into account when selecting new projects
  • Recognizing when projects are going off track.properly diagnosing problems and preventing other stumbling blocks from impacting the portfolio

This Webcast is ideal for executives and project managers who are charged with initiating and managing multiple projects in a portfolio, managers working as part of a project team, or anyone interested in learning more about managing projects as part of a portfolio.


Frank Parth MS, MSSM, MBA, PMP, is the president of Project Auditors LLC, a project management consulting, training and auditing company. He is active in PMI®, serving on various committees both at the local and at the national level, and is the 2006 chair for PMI's Consulting SIG.
He has been involved with technology management in major U.S. companies, national governments and the U.N. He headed up systems engineering at TRW Information Systems during a major infrastructure upgrade and created PMOs for several major corporations.