Leveraging Social Networks in a Downturn

Jan 24, 2019

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Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Plaxo, and others have become major players in the corporate space and are being used by individuals to post profiles, connect with others, pose questions and get answers.

Smart organizations are using social networks for recruiting, marketing and more.

In uncertain economic times, social networks and Web 2.0 tools are particularly relevant as they are cost effective and can produce rapid results. In fact, companies, like IBM and Accenture have taken the medium a step further and created their own private social networks.

In this webcast, you’ll hear how and why companies establish private social networks and utilize public social networks, including a discussion of how they have done it and a review of results.

Corporate Social Networking holds great promise for boosting business performance in a world of fragmented workforces. Increasing the connectivity of your organization can increase employee engagement and the speed at which critical knowledge is shared.

For an insightful hour, we take an inside look at the Levity Effect, including:

  • Concrete examples of how social networks can meet business needs:
  • Supporting business development
  • Engaging employees
  • Increasing knowledge sharing
  • Improving talent management
  • Guidelines for making the business case for social networks to senior management
  • Important considerations when building a social network
  • And much, much more


Anne Berkowitch is cofounder and chief executive officer of SelectMinds, where she has played a key role in the development of client relationships and the evolution of the company into a leading provider of corporate social network services. Previously, she was a management consultant with Booz Allen and Hamilton, working primarily with service businesses out of both the New York and London offices. While at the firm, she was also very active in the recruitment and development of senior staff and went on to start her own boutique executive search firm specializing in placement of senior consultants, before cofounding SelectMinds.

Anne Pauker Kreitzberg is president of Cognetics and a member of the Wharton School faculty. Her work focuses on organizational and management effectiveness, making work simpler and more fulfilling for people. She has created and successfully introduced models for collaboration, performance management, workplace flexibility and change in a number of organizations.

Charles B. Kreitzberg Ph.D. is the CEO and founder of Cognetics, a leading firm working in the human aspects of computer technology. His specialty is helping organizations get the most value from their technology investments through user-centered design and organizational effectiveness. Through LUCID (Logical User-Centered Interaction Design), which he developed, Kreitzberg offers a clear, repeatable path to customer satisfaction. He is the founding editor of User Experience Magazine, author of numerous articles and several books, a leader in professional associations, and a pioneer in the creation of the Internet.