How to Source and Manage Outside Talent

Published: Jan 24, 2019
Modified: Mar 21, 2019

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Steps to Leveraging Talent You Don't Own

Many companies are employing a broad mix of freelancers, contractors, consultants, and full-timers at all levels of the organization. This tactical approach supports strategies requiring speed and agility to meet the challenges of today’s business environment.

As managers seek nontraditional sources of strategic talent and experiment with fast, flexible ways of engaging these experts, they need a new roadmap.

This shift to deploying “agile talent” is different than hiring freelancers or seasonal workers. These are people doing strategic work, but are just not full-time or permanent.

In this webcast we will explore the why, what and how of planning and using an agile talent pool and offer a number of specific ways to ensure success.

Companies are gaining advantage through the strategic use of external experts—made possible by technology and the globalization of talent. Join us as we explore:

  • How agile talent is being deployed in a number of leading organizations 
  • Five critical success factors when utilizing agile talent
  • How organizations need to be structured to take full advantage of agile talent



Jon Younger is the founder of the Agile Talent Collaborative, author of Agile Talent, and a well-respected thought leader in HR. Prior to founding the Collaborative, he was a partner with Dave Ulrich of the RBL Group and led the HR transformation practice. He and Ulrich collaborated on three books: HR CompetenciesHR Transformation, and HR from the Outside In. Before joining The RBL Group, he was Chief Learning and Talent Officer of one of the largest U.S. based financial services organizations. Jon teaches in the executive education faculties of the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, and the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad. His Ph.D. is from the University of Toronto.