Harnessing the Power of Total Confidence

Jan 24, 2019

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Have life’s curveballs thrown you off balance?

Best-selling author, leadership coach and former Yahoo! executive Tim Sanders knows how you feel.

Rediscovering lessons learned as a child, Sanders got out of a tailspin and catapulted himself to financial security and an officer-level role at an S&P 500 company at the center of the Internet revolution.

Today, his promise to himself is, “I will never forget those lessons. The price is too high.” Join Tim as he explores the classic principles of confident living that some of the most successful and joyful people you know live by.

In this Webcast, Sanders updates Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale to tackle a new world, where social media and transparency present unique challenges to our sense of confidence, sanity, and faith.