Feeding Your Leadership Pipeline

Published: Jan 24, 2019
Modified: Mar 19, 2019

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Baby boomers are close to retirement. Are you ready to replace senior leaders in your organization when they go? Join us as we explore building a leadership development program to prepare mid-level managers for future leadership positions in your organization.There are a number of large companies that are well known for their leadership development efforts, but what affordable model can smaller organizations follow?

This webcast explores a blueprint for creating and implementing a program to develop midlevel managers for future leadership positions in your organization. With the pending retirement of millions of baby boomers, do you have any idea who is going to replace your senior staff when they leave?

That day is coming fast, so this is something you need to get started on NOW!

This program is a must attend for you, especially if you:

  •  Don’t have a large budget for leadership development
  •  Don’t have a leadership development staff 
  •  Do have an immediate need to develop your next generation of leaders
  • A simple 4-part leadership development program (LDP) model
  • Advice for building an effective LDP on a modest budget 
  • Guidelines for saving money on faculty, facilities, travel, etc.
  • How to set reasonable expectations and goals for your LDP initiative
  • Tips for identifying your high-potentials
  • Ways to involve company executives in the program right from the start
  • And much more.

When your leaders retire, will you be ready? Today you have to ask yourself: “What is the cost to my organization of NOT developing our next generation of leaders?”