Fast Track to Employee Development: Understanding What Makes Them Tick

Published: Jan 24, 2019
Modified: Mar 19, 2019

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Wouldn’t it make developing and managing a direct report that much easier if you REALLY knew what made them tick and where they were on the learning curve for a specific job or task?

Your wish is our command!

On their own, the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership® II are among the world’s most widely used organizational tools for management and employee development. 

When leveraged together, they can provide unparalleled insight and information that can enable you to tailor an employee learning and development plan that speaks to the heart of the individual.

In this program, you’ll discover:

  • How understanding the personality type and temperament of an individual can provide an invaluable window into that person’s preferred communication and working styles
  • How diagnosing your employee’s level of development on a specific task and flexing your leadership style accordingly can exponentially improve motivation and results
  • Why  bridging effective leadership actions with the temperament needs positively impacts individual and team performance
  • What personality type strengths and blind spots exist





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