Discover How to Spot Winning Acquisition Targets!

Published: Nov 01, 2018
Modified: Mar 28, 2019

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In just one hour, participants learn how to spot the ideal corporate merger or buyout candidate that can help meet growth targets—especially if your internal methods have stalled.You’ll find out how to...

  • Identify top reasons to acquire or merge
  • Develop criteria to identify the ideal merger candidate
  • See how to gather and prioritize a comprehensive list of potential prospects
  • Collect pertinent information about prospect companies
  • Lay the groundwork for win-win negotiations
  • Start to assemble an Acquisition Tool Kit

This Webcast has been designed for CFOs, vice presidents, directors of finance, treasurers, controllers (and their assistants), strategic planners, corporate planning directors and others with significant responsibility for the growth and financial health of the organization.