Dataviz: The New Must-Have Skill for Managers

Jan 24, 2019

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Creating Charts That Tell Stories

Visual communication and data visualization are our most effective tools to help organizations and customers understand the ideas found in the increasingly massive volumes of data that govern our lives. The ability to create diagrams that tell stories and move people will help you better communicate ideas as well as impress and persuade your audience.

This program will lay out the case for dataviz as a core management discipline and then answer the seemingly simple question, “What is a good chart?”

We’ll then walk through a simple process to help you turn your ordinary charts into more effective ones that far surpass what you would normally create with your spreadsheet program.

If you need to understand what makes a good chart and how you can do it, this webcast is a great place to start. Join us and:

  • Learn why dataviz is a must-have skill for managers and organizations
  • Understand what makes a good chart
  • Learn a simple process for improving your charting skills 
  • Learn how to think critically about charts you use
  • Understand the landscape of tools and techniques that will improve your dataviz



Scott Berinato is senior editor at Harvard Business Review and author of Good Charts: The HBR Guide to Making Smarter, More Persuasive Data Visualizations, is an award-winning writer, editor, content architect, and self-described “dataviz geek” who relishes the challenge of finding visual solutions to communication problems. At HBR he has championed the use of visual communication and storytelling and has launched successful visual formats, including popular narrated infographics, on Before joining HBR, Scott was an executive editor at CXO Media, where he pioneered the use of visual features in several of the company’s publications. In addition to his work on visualization, he also enjoys writing and thinking about technology, business, science, and the future of publishing.