Communicating with Employees Through Change

Published: Jan 24, 2019
Modified: Mar 19, 2019

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Proper Communication Helps You Lead Your Team Through Change More Easily

During times of crisis or uncertainty, your employees are looking for you to be a leader who can offer candid and credible information.

This webcast explores time-tested approaches for taking a more proactive role in preparing for changes and effectively communicating them to your staff.

You’ll hear how successful leaders have articulated change in times of crisis so you can learn from their successes and mistakes. In addition, you’ll hear about the specific challenges faced during change such as when an organization is in frozen budget limbo and the rumors that get started when employees do not know what the next steps are.

Get best practice tips, step-by-step methods and sage advice that you can apply right away.

  • Guidelines for open and transparent communication that boosts morale in the face of uncertainty
  • The most effective communication channels and techniques for moving employees through the change curve
  • Using measurements to ensure momentum and employee engagement during change
  • How social media can be a tool for reactions to the changing landscape
  • Plus more tips and tactics

Register now for this Webcast and gain advice on articulating goals, aspirations and messages in times like these where change is a given.


Aniko Czinege is a leading organizational and change communications specialist with 20 years experience of working with global corporations. She is the CEO of Workwise Communication, an international niche consultancy offering every aspect of employee and change communication. Prior to that, she was global internal communications director at GE Healthcare (previously Amersham Biosciences). A founder of the WPP change and internal communication consultancy Banner McBride, Czinge works with many global organizations in preparing leaders and managers to communicate changes.