Business at the Crossroads: Aligning Commerce, Earth and Humanity

Published: Jan 24, 2019
Modified: Mar 19, 2019

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Environmental and social issues have historically been of peripheral concern to business.At best, companies have felt compelled to “give back” to society in the form of philanthropy or other good deeds directed at the natural environment or the community.

Today global companies stand at a crossroads—facing terrorism, environmental destruction, and antiglobalization backlash—while searching for new sources of profitable growth.

So rather than treating social and environmental issues as expensive luxuries, many companies are now fusing social mission with competitive strategy.

This sebcast explores the integration of sustainable development and environmentalism in business strategy and illustrates how such practices can increase shareholder value and competitive position.

Join us to discover business practices that are more inclusive, more welcome, and far more successful—for both companies and communities, worldwide. For example, you’ll hear about:

  • Paths to profitable sustainability: Shattering the “trade-off” myth
  • New commercial strategies for serving the “base of the pyramid”: What enterprises have learned about doing business in income-poor regions
  • Becoming indigenous—for real, for good: Codiscovering new opportunities, cocreating new businesses with the poor
  • Learning from leaders: best practices from companies such as DuPont, HP, SC Johnson, Tata, P&G, and more