Get proven skills for everyone on your team

A Seminar Savings Pass makes it easy to get maximum value from your training budget, with the capability to develop multiple people throughout the year.

An SSP also offers you great flexibility—bring people together from different teams for shared learning, send individual employees to different courses to meet personal skill needs, and much more. With 160+ courses in 16+ subject areas, there are skills to benefit all levels. You’ll also have access to a dedicated training advisor to guide you through your course selection.


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Most Popular Seminar Savings Pass Options

Seminar Savings Pass


3 In-Person or Live Online Seminars in 6 months

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Seminar Savings Pass


6 In-Person or Live Online Seminars in 12 months

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Seminar Savings Pass


12 In-Person or Live Online Seminars in 12 months

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Robust scheduling—Thousands of sessions to choose from!

Packs of 24, 50, and 100 are also available. Or, for a more tailored solution, customize your pack. To get started, simply complete this form or call 800-854-4493 to connect with a dedicated Training Advisor.

Terms and Conditions

* This offer is applicable to all AMA U.S. Classroom and Live Online Seminars, except for AMA’s Comprehensive Project Management Workshop, (seminar #6595), AMA’s 5-Day “MBA” Workshop (seminar #2561). Live Online Express Courses, AMA Webinars, AMA OnDemand Courses and the AMA OnDemand eLearning Library, and third party-delivered programs available through AMA are excluded. Past purchases and other promotional offers are excluded. Attendance must be completed within 6 months of purchase date for 3-Packs, and within 12 months of purchase date for 6-Packs, 12-Packs, 24-Packs, 50-Packs and 100-Packs. Prices and schedules are subject to change without notice. You must call to purchase 24-Packs, 50-Packs and 100-Packs.