Artificial Intelligence technology is rapidly advancing—and for business, it will be the most impactful and disruptive event since the Industrial Revolution. The opportunities and implications for both individuals and organizations are immense. Even now, AI is very likely affecting your organization in myriad ways, from sales transactions and revenue calculations to process automation and customer interactions.

The trend will not only continue, it will grow exponentially. It’s crucial that everyone in your organization is aware of AI, its concepts and applications, as well as existing or anticipated strategies to implement and manage it.

Surprising Facts About Artificial Intelligence in Business 

38% of jobs in the United States are vulnerable to being lost to AI-powered technology (PwC)

33% of consumers think they use AI-powered services (PEGA)

77% of consumers actually use AI-powered services (PEGA)

$15.7 trillion is the projected additional worldwide GDP created by AI by 2030 (PwC)

72% of executives believe AI will be the most significant business advantage of the future (PwC)

54% of executives say AI solutions have already increased productivity (PwC)

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