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Customer Service Solutions

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How to Communicate with Diplomacy, Tact and Credibility Classroom Seminars Live Online Seminars Onsite Seminars
Be a consistently professional communicator—even in difficult circumstances.

Customer Service Excellence: How to Win and Keep Customers Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Providing customer service excellence is what will keep your customers coming back.

Customer Service Workshop Onsite Seminars
Secure an overall competitive advantage through distinctive customer service.

Developing Effective Business Conversation Skills Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Master conversational skills to get attention and gain credibility.

FranklinCovey Comprehensive Sales Performance Workshop Classroom Seminars Live Online Seminars
Apply this unique client-focused sales system to improve your competitive edge.

Web Events

The 9½ Principles of Innovative Service -- On-Demand Webcasts
Creating a service experience that causes customers to swoon, smile, and sing your praises!

The Art of Extraordinary Customer Service -- On-Demand Webcasts
The most successful organizations create an experience that inspires customers to become vocal advocates for them


Adam Toporek on Being Your Customer's Hero New
Customer service isn't always the most glamorous job.

Adrian Ott on Customers Who Are Always Connected
Adrian Ott talks about her new book and filling the needs of customers who are short on time.

Alan Trefler on Keeping an Eye on Consumers
Trefler argues that consumers are becoming more empowered and are gaining the upper hand against big businesses that provide essential services for them.

Alex Frankel on Working Undercover at America’s Top Companies
Curious to know just what happens behind the "employees only" doors of big companies, journalist Alex Frankel embarked on an undercover reporting project to find out how some of America's well-known companies win the hearts and minds of their retail...

Andrew Bennett on Well-Informed Shoppers Changing Consumer Culture
Andrew Bennett on the changes in consumer culture.

Charlene Li on the Importance of Social Media to Promote Openness
Charlene Li talks to us about how to use social media to create a competitive advantage.

Chip Bell on Extraordinary Customer Service
Chip is the author or co-author of sixteen books including Magnetic Service: Secrets for Creating Passionately Devoted Customers (with Bilijack Bell), Service Magic:The Art of Amazing Your Customers, Customers As Partners: Building Relationships That...

Chris Monteiro on Taking Social Media Seriously

Davia Temin on the 10 Don’ts of Corporate Social Media
Strengthening your brand through smarter online communication

Dov Seidman on Behavioral Changes to Guarantee Success
How the Way We Act Affects Everything

Emily Nagle Green on Technology Anywhere
Emily Nagle Green talks about adapting business practices in an increasingly mobile world.

Jeanne Bliss on Treating Customers Like They're Your Mom New
When we think of customer service we tend to focus on the front line employees who are taking the customer phone calls.

Joe Pine on the Evolution of the Economic Model
Using Customization to Renew Commodities

John Goodman on the Future of Customer Service
Most executives still view customer service as a cost center, a necessary nuisance that drains funds from other more strategic investments.

Leonard Berry and Kent Seltman on Management Lessons from Mayo Clinic
The Mayo Clinic is one of the world's most prestigious organizations, one that fosters a culture that exceeds customer expectations and earns deep loyalty from both customers and employees. Service business authority Leonard Berry and Mayo Clinic...

Malcolm Frank on Code Halos
If companies wish to survive in today’s ever-expanding digital age, they need to recognize their customers’ code halo...

Marilyn Carlson Nelson on How We Lead Matters
As a daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother, Marilyn has always put people first. This multi-faceted woman also happens to be one of the most successful CEOs in the world. In this conversation, she shares her thoughts on the role of women in...

Mark Babbitt and Ted Coiné on a World Gone Social

Mark Stevens on Declaring War on Yourself
Determining “why” is key to thrilling customers

Micah Solomon on Customer Service in the 21st Century
Using New Tools to Your Advantage

Michael Gates Gill on How Starbucks Saved His Life
Michael Gates Gill had it all. But by the time he turned 60, he had lost everything except his Ivy League education and his sense of entitlement. First he was downsized at work; next, an affair ended his 20 year marriage. Then he was diagnosed with a...

Nick Webb on What Customers Crave New
What sets you apart isn't your product but the experience surrounding your product.

Noah Fleming on Enduring Customer Loyalty
Fleming explains how constantly searching for new customers is not a solution for new business.

Rachael Brown on Paying Employees to Quit
Founded in 1999, the online shoe retailer Zappos.com has been an astonishing success story, growing to nearly $1 billion in sales. Even more impressive than its sales numbers, however, are the numbers of customers who rave about Zappos customer...

Robert Bloom on Winning Customer Preference
Engaging consumers in an age of declining loyalty

Vineet Nayar on Achieving Success by Putting Employees First, Customers Second

Articles & White Papers

21st Century Customer Service - Members Only
How to keep the best aspects of old-fashioned customer service while retooling them for our complex, digital world.

25 Ways to Keep Customers for Life
Acquiring new customers is an expensive and exhausting process. Arnold Sanow offers 25 tips to keep customers from leaving that any business can use.

A ”Sure” Thing: How Empowering Customer Service Reps Leads to Increased Revenue
SurePayroll President Michael Alter tells about his company's customer service program.

A Big Mistake: Promising to Handle a Complaint, Then Letting It Slide
Learn a productive way to handle complaints. Certainly don't promise to address the problem and then let it slide.

Adjusting the Picture on Customer Focus
At first glance, "big picture thinking" and "customer focus" would seem to be mutually exclusive terms. After all, the first phrase connotes a farsighted, panoramic view of business, while the second implies an intense, laser-beam-like concentration...

Are You Putting Your Clients Last? - Members Only
Ten ways you might be inadvertently letting your customers down.

Attention, Salespeople: It’s Not About You
Salespeople: distinguish yourself from the pack by adopting a "you" point of view toward your customer. Ask: "What are your goals?" "What's your take on this?" "What is the biggest challenge you're facing right now?"...

Ben Franklin on Customer Service
You may think you know the essential ingredients of exemplary customer service. But if you really want to please your customers, hearken back to 1749 and read what wise old Ben Franklin had to say about the subject. For starters: "You are as much...

Better Make It Real
Trust and transparency are key to an authentic customer experience.

Building Client Relationships:
Advice on how to build strong customer relationships

Building Your Brand from the Inside Out
Learn how to build your brand from the inside, building positive messages for customers through your employees.

Business Lessons…from Burger King
Learn how to effectively provide top-quality service.

Calming "Customonsters" and Other High-Maintenance Clients - Members Only
If your business has fallen prey to "customonsters"-those high-maintenance clients who over time may be more work than they are worth-here are some tools to help you tame the savage beast....

Casting the Staff for Your Service Department
Here are three qualities to use to hire top performers for your service department

Challenges Facing Marketers Survey
With the proliferation of communications and distribution channels, and intensified domestic and international competition, marketers are facing ever-growing challenges. But what exactly are they? To determine what marketers themselves are thinking...

Connect with Customers in a Slow Economy
How do you attract, get new customers, and maintain customer loyalty with a limited ad and marketing budget in a recession?

Creating Customers for Life
Every salesperson knows that it is far less costly to keep loyal customers than to find new ones. Here are 10 tips that will help you find your dream customer-the "customer for life."...

Customer Satisfaction Is Not Enough
For most companies, customer satisfaction remains the Holy Grail-but are they setting the bar too low?...

Customer Service Excellence Depends on Valued Front-line Employees - Members Only
How leaders can show front-line workers the respect and appreciation they deserve.

Customer Service Survival Tips - Members Only
Now, more than ever, the customer is king. The author of a new book, Make It Glow, offers five simple strategies for building customer loyalty during the downturn....

Customers to CEOs: "Can You Hear Us NOW?"
Many customers are finding it more and more difficult to get acceptable levels of service from the companies they do business with-regardless of how much they spend, how long they've been a customer or how profitable they are. Attention, CEO's: this...

Delivering Excellent and Ethical Customer Service - Members Only
Chip R. Bell learned some life-long lessons about customer service growing up on a cattle ranch.

Disinterest in Your Customer’s Needs
Provide top quality customer service

Does Your Business Need a Chief Customer Officer?
Is a C-level customer service person the key to taking your company's sales to the next level? Maybe. Or maybe not. An experienced CCO offers advice to help you decide....

Eight Tips for Changing Your Customer Service Culture
Improving customer service is not a quick-fix process. It starts with a total commitment to cultural change and a long-term commitment to quality that is accepted by everyone in the organization, from top to bottom. Here are eight essential rules for...

Eight Tips for Hiring Talented Service Staff

Everything She Knows as a CEO She Learned as a Waitress
Before she became CEO of her own $29-million transportation and distribution company, Carolyn Gable spent her time waiting on tables and worrying about how she was going to feed her seven kids. She didn't earn an MBA at a famous B school; she didn't...

Facebook vs. Face Time
The value of face to face communication in our high-tech age.

Hear Them Roar (and See Them Buy): How to Capture Today’s Hottest Market
Women-owned businesses in the United States employ over 19 million people and generate $2.5 trillion in revenues. If your business isn't marketing to this growing, powerful segment, it's missing a huge opportunity....

Hiring the Cast for Your Service Department
Hiring out your service department with people who can star in their roles is the key to success in customer service.

How to Be Addict-able to Your Customers - Members Only
Six ways to become indispensable to your customers.

How to Create Happy Employees and Customers: Eliminate Indifference - Members Only
Ed Horrell outlines the “rules of engagement” for companies who want to achieve customer service excellence.

How to Manage Your Business's Greatest Asset: Your Customers - Members Only
How to make sure everyone in the organization is focused on satisfying customer needs.

How to Say No to a Customer
The best way to say no to a customer is to learn how to say it without using the word "no."

How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur
Here are five ways to improve the odds of making your “American dream” come true....

Improving Customer Experience Can Help Beat Your Competition, Drive Loyalty and Boost Profits
Learn how customer service can build customer loyalty and improve competitive position.

Inspiring Customers: Lessons from Nonprofit Organizations
Many large organizations are taking a tip from nonprofits and seeking to form meaningful connections with their customers.

Is Your Company Sitting on a Bull's-Eye?
Strategies for overcoming price-based sales competition.

Keeping Your Cool When the Customer Gets Hot
How to deal with a customer who is upset and unhappy with your company’s product or service.

Keeping Your Cool: Dealing with Difficult People
Advice for working with difficult people

Keeping Your Customers During Tough Times - Members Only
Your sales reps’ must make sure they’re effectively meeting the needs of current, loyal customers.

Learning from Lost Customers - Members Only
Customer retention advice from the authors of Managing Knock Your Socks off Service.

Magnifying Customer Focus
Seven out of 10 executives say that their organizations experienced disruptive change during the last year. And more than 80% say that the pace of change is speeding up in organizations all over the world. That's according to Agility and Resilience, a...

Miranda Rights of Customer Service - Members Only
If you can't remember the last time you experienced truly excellent customer service, you're not alone. Peter Shankman's tips will ensure that your business is never convicted in the court of bad service....

Monster Customer Service Blunders and How to Avoid Them
Every organization insists that keeping its customers happy is a top priority. Yet only half of the respondents in a new AMA/HRI study said they are doing a good job at creating emotional bonds with their customers. Companies who excel at delighting...

Moving from “Me First” to “We First” - Members Only
In a podcast interview Simon Mainwaring discusses his connected, mutually dependent view of the world.

Murano Magic-Lessons in Innovation
Believe it or not, you can learn a lot about competitive advantage from the ancient glass-blowing businesses based on the small island of Murano, Italy. These savvy artisans have flourished for hundreds of years by understanding a simple truth-you've...

Open Communication: Vital to Business Success
Does your company value open communication? David Hassell offers tips on establishing open communication in your office and how it can enhance productivity.

Powered by Prospects

Recovery! Turning Service Failures Around - Members Only
A four-step approach to correcting customer service lapses.

Secrets of Selling to Boomers: Keep It Old School
How to sell to Baby Boomers, who possess the highest disposable income of any generation.

Serving as Leader When Customers Are Wired and Dangerous
Learn how companies can build customer loyalty

sforming Customer Service from Ordinary to Extraordinary
Extraordinary customer service depends on each employee's job essence, which goes beyond general job function.

Sharpening Customer Focus
How companies can boost performance by shifting focus to the customer.

Shifting to a Customer-centric Focus
The best companies based all their decisions on how they affect customers; they are truly customer-centric.

Six Truths about Really Putting the Customer First - Members Only
Sure, your company's mission statement says the customer is number one, but what are your people doing to back up those lofty goals?...

Taking Service to the Stratosphere - Members Only
12 steps to creating a culture that delivers outstanding service every day.

The Care and Feeding of Your Company’s HEROes - Members Only
How companies can identify, encourage, and empower their HERO (Highly Empowered and Resourceful Operatives) employees.

The Cold Calling CEO....Ensuring Your Path to Success
Learn fromthis CEO the value of Cold-call calling to better understand your customers.

The Customer-Focus Gaps
A recent global AMA/HRI study on customer focus found that there are significant differences between what organizations should do to increase customer satisfaction and what they're actually doing....

The Customer-Focused Organization New
i4cp and the American Management Association (AMA) examined customer focus through the lens of high-performance

The Customer-Focused Organization - Members Only New
i4cp and the American Management Association (AMA) examined customer focus through the lens of high-performance

The Look of Customer-Focused Measurement
Learn how to measure customer service delivery

The Power of Keeping Promises: How to Create Customers for Life
If your customer philosophy is "take the money and run," your company won't be around for long. Scott Deming, author of the new book The Brand Who Cried Wolf: Deliver on Your Company's Promise and Create Customers for Life, explains how to keep...

Turning Your Customers into Fans - Members Only
Marketing tips from the former Chief Marketing Officer of the New England Patriots football team.

Using the Right Metrics to Measure the Customer Experience—and Predict the Future
Learn about customer service and role in analytics.

What It Takes to Put Clients First - Members Only
An 11-step strategy to put clients first in any organization.

What Your Customers Really Want (Hint: It’s Not Just Price!)
Learn what attracts today's customers--and price is not a factor.

When Customers Don’t Behave As You’d Like
Companies invest huge amounts of time and money in identifying and learning about potential and current customers, but sometimes the challenges customers present leave firms wondering whether that's money well spent. Here are some techniques firms can...

Why Getting the Best from Your Employees Starts with Frontline Leadership
To fully utilize your team’s potential, the people in charge have to be great leaders. See how great frontline leadership can empower your team to success.

Win Today’s Empowered Customers:
There are four key decision making points for customers today. Customer loyalty is dead.

With a Little Help from Your Friends - Members Only
Put your loyal customers to work for you through referrals.

Working Your Competitive Advantage - Members Only
Jack Welch said, "If you don't have a competitive advantage, don't compete." So what's your competitive advantage? If it's only based on price, you risk losing your customers and your best salespeople....

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