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Articles & White Papers

10 Keys to Workplace Excellence - Members Only
Motivational strategies used by the 'Best of the Best' organizations, based on surveys of over 100,000 managers and employees.

10 Simple Pricing Rules for Challenging Economic Times - Members Only
Is your company tempted to reduce prices in order to survive difficult economic times? Doing so will accomplish two things-neither of them good....

10 Steps to Rev Up Employee Engagement - Members Only
Productivity lies in your employees, and if they are not happy your business will suffer. Here are 10 tips to keep employee engagement at a high level.

10 Ways to Get Employees to Love Your Company - Members Only
How to build a happy, motivated, high-achieving workforce.

10 Ways to Help Employees Deal with Economic Crisis - Members Only
The author of "Giving the Real Recognition Way" offers advice on how to motivate your people during the downturn.

14 Marketing Trends for 2014 - Members Only
14 marketing trends to consider when planning strategies for the New Year.

21st Century Customer Service - Members Only
How to keep the best aspects of old-fashioned customer service while retooling them for our complex, digital world.

5 Tips to Protect Your Business from Hackers - Members Only
How to allow employees to stay connected via technology while safeguarding the organization's IP.

6 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement and Market Performance - Members Only
High levels of employee engagement and higher market performance go hand in hand.

7 Keys to Successful Rebranding - Members Only
Tips for launching a successful rebranding effort.

A Leadership Lesson from Our Former First Lady - Members Only
Just as Senator Hillary Clinton showed her humanity on the eve of the NH primary, business leaders should show their true feelings.

A Roadmap to Challenging Conversations - Members Only
A three-step approach to difficult workplace conversations: prepare, plan, and practice.

A Roadmap to Successful Enterprise Transformation - Members Only
Learn the mistakes in organization transformation.

A Socratic Approach to Successful Selling - Members Only
The Socratic Method remains as relevant today as it was in ancient Greece. Using targeted Q&A, the savvy salesperson can create a Socratic dialog with the customer to determine how to best meet the customer's needs-and close the sale....

ABCs of Corporate Social Media - Members Only
Tips on how organizations can best leverage social media.

Achieving High Performance with Leader Athletes - Members Only
Elite athletes and exceptional leaders have a lot in common.

Adding No to Your Conversations - Members Only
Learn why "no" is an appropriate reply to requests from colleagues and even your supervisor.

After the Layoff: Managing the Survivors - Members Only
Advice for managers to keep "surviving" employees motivated and productive.

Agility and Resilience - Members Only
Seven out of 10 executives say that their organizations experienced disruptive change during the last year. And more than 80% say that the pace of change is speeding up in organizations all over the world. That's according to Agility and Resilience, a...

Alliances Between Small and Larger Companies Can Mean Risky Business - Members Only
There are many ways a small company can benefit by forming an alliance with a larger one, including the ability to tap into a larger customer base. But the failure rate for these partnerships can be as high as 60%. Here are some strategies that will...

AMA Critical Skills Survey: Workers Need Higher Level Skills to Succeed in the 21st Century - Members Only
The AMA 2010 Critical Skills Survey shows the importance of the 4 C's employee skills: critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communcation.

Are Baby Boomers the Key to Economic Recovery? - Members Only
Steve Howard, author of the book Boomer Selling, explains why businesses should market to Baby Boomers.

Are You a “Cool Parent” or “Trail of Dead Bodies” Leader? - Members Only
The best leaders know they don't have to choose between happy workers and stellar results.

Are You a Micromanager? - Members Only
Micromanagers get a bad rap, but some situations call for hands-on management. The trick is knowing when to step back and when to step in....

Are You an Awful Manager? - Members Only
Avoid the four telltale signs of awful management.

Are You out of Con"text"? - Members Only
Sander A. Flaum discusses why it's wrong to text in social situations.

Are You Putting Your Clients Last? - Members Only
Ten ways you might be inadvertently letting your customers down.

Are You Scaring Your Employees to Death? - Members Only
When workers feel uncertain or fearful, they may revert to a primitive "critter state" of fight, flight, or freeze.

Are You Wasting Time and Money on the Wrong Retention Strategies? - Members Only
Business leaders can't afford to let retention slip off the radar.

Are You Willing to Measure Change? - Members Only
Fewer than 7% of organizations measure the impact of their change initiatives.

As Above, So Below - Members Only
Employees look to their leaders to personify positive values.

Avoid Hiring Mistakes - Members Only
Executive hiring secrets from an executive search expert.

Avoiding Death by To-Do List - Members Only
Tips to lower stress and increase productivity.

Banishing Boring Meetings - Members Only
How to make business meetings more effective, from the author of Boring Meetings Suck.

Become a Better Manager by Asking the Right Questions - Members Only
How managers can move work forward by asking questions.

Become a Great Leader - Members Only
A book excerpt from Now...Build a Great Business! by Mark Thompson and Brian Tracy

Becoming a Motivating Manager - Members Only
These tips from the authors of The Manager’s Desktop Consultant will help you inspire your people to reach new heights.

Better Decision-making Through Critical Thinking - Members Only
An introduction to critical thinking, from AMA's seminar Critical Thinking.

Beware the Perils of "Swiss Watchmaker Thinking" - Members Only
Are you guilty of "Swiss Watchmaker Thinking?" It's the mentality that cost the Swiss 80% of the global watch market-simply because they were unable to give up old habits and embrace new ways of thinking and acting....

Body Language Secrets of Successful Negotiation - Members Only
When negotiating, pay attention to your body language.

Brian Tracy on the Psychology of Performance - Members Only
An excerpt from Brian Tracy's new book on motivation.

Brian Tracy's Job Search Tips - Members Only
How to get the job you really want—in any economy.

Budgeting Demystified - Members Only
A quick intro to the world of budgeting from AMA’s best-selling seminar “Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers."

Build Your Brand without Breaking Your Budget - Members Only

Building a Better Business Through Ruthless Focus - Members Only
Successful businesses keep the focus on strategy, people, and culture.

Calming "Customonsters" and Other High-Maintenance Clients - Members Only
If your business has fallen prey to "customonsters"-those high-maintenance clients who over time may be more work than they are worth-here are some tools to help you tame the savage beast....

Coaching Your Boss - Members Only
John Baldoni explains how to manage up by coaching your boss.

Coaching: What Really Works - Members Only
In the old days, coaching carried a bit of a stigma, as it was often directed at problem employees. But today's coachee is more likely viewed as being on the fast track, according to a new AMA/Institute for Corporate Productivity global study....

Communicating Across Cultures - Members Only
You have a big meeting coming up overseas. You've checked and double-checked your proposal, but unless you've also done some research into the country's culture, the deal may be doomed before you set foot on the plane....

Communicating Effectively When You’re Here and Your Team Is There - Members Only
10 strategies to facilitate communicatioin with virtual teams.

Communicating Trust - Members Only
People work best when management trusts them to get the job done.

Conflicted About How to Respond to Conflict? - Members Only New
An explanation of the five styles of conflict resolution.

Conquering Procrastination (Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow!) - Members Only
Time management tips from AMA's seminar Managing Chaos.

Core Values are Back in Fashion - Members Only
The author of The Core Values Compass offers a blueprint for creating an effective system of corporate values.

Corporate Threat Intelligence 101 - Members Only
The benefits of an effective corporate threat intelligence program.

Creating a "Getting it Done" Culture - Members Only
Chances are, your organization has a lofty, inspirational mission statement. But how many of those lofty goals will actually see the light of day? A new book offers guidelines for closing the often wide gap between strategy and execution....

Creating an Unbeatable Résumé - Members Only
An interview with the author of Unbeatable Résumés.

Critical Skills for Sales Success - Members Only
What do salespeople and physicians have in common? Both know that their success is based on their ability to serve the needs of their clients. They do their research, come up with a diagnosis, and devise a plan to "cure" their clients' ills....

Cultivating Effective Corporate Cultures - Members Only
What factors influence corporate culture? And how can businesses develop the kind of culture that fosters productivity and profitability? AMA commissioned a study by the Institute for Corporate Productivity to find out....

Curing the “Recession Hangover” - Members Only
Leaders must focus on building engaged relationships with employees if they are to move their businesses forward post-recession.

Customer Service Excellence Depends on Valued Front-line Employees - Members Only
How leaders can show front-line workers the respect and appreciation they deserve.

Customer Service Survival Tips - Members Only
Now, more than ever, the customer is king. The author of a new book, Make It Glow, offers five simple strategies for building customer loyalty during the downturn....

Dan Pink Shifts into Drive - Members Only
Daniel H. Pink discusses why classic "carrot and stick" motivation methods no longer apply.

Dealing with Difficult People Is Easy - Members Only
Simple strategies to diffuse conflict in the workplace.

Dealing with Fine "Whine" - Members Only
Why employees whine, how to deal with whiners, and how to prevent whining.

Decoding the Job Interview - Members Only
10 cues to look for during an interview to determine your chances of getting hired.

Delegate Effectively - Members Only
Brian Tracy explains the art and science of delegation, an essential management skill.

Delivering Excellent and Ethical Customer Service - Members Only
Chip R. Bell learned some life-long lessons about customer service growing up on a cattle ranch.

Digital Shadows: The Rise of New Workforce Productivity Issues - Members Only
Corporate policy is having a hard time keeping up with the growing digital universe and its implications for business.

Digitized HR: How Paranoid Should You Be? - Members Only

Do You Need an "Attitude Adjustment?" - Members Only
An “Affirmative Attitude Self-Assessment” from AMA’s seminar “Projecting a Positive Professional Image.”

Do People Drive Business? You Bet Your Assets - Members Only
Evidence-Based Human Resources uses analytics to show the link between people management and business performance.

Do the Right Thing—While You Still Have a Choice - Members Only
CVS Caremark voluntarily removed cigarettes from its stores, even though it may bring a decline in revenue. Should other companies follow suit?

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Project Team Leader? - Members Only
Project leadership tips from the AMA seminar Project Team Leadership.

Don’t Use a Typewriter in the Computer Age - Members Only
Bruce L. Katcher, Ph.D. explains why sometimes the right equipment can make all the difference.

Don't Be Like Brett Favre - Members Only
Unlike star quarterback Brett Favre, savvy leaders know when it's time to bow out gracefully.

Downturn Survival Strategies - Members Only
An economic downturn can actually have a silver lining for your business: the need to "kick it up a notch" can lead you on a journey of opportunity, innovation, and great success....

Driving a WIIFM Initiative - Members Only
Successful chief executives are a hard-nosed lot (look at Steve Jobs) who hire Grade A players and set high standards. And when it comes to driving new initiatives and "big idea" processes, persistence never goes out of style....

Drucker's Words of Wisdom - Members Only
An interview with William A. Cohen, author of The Practical Drucker.

Eleven Surefire Selling Strategies - Members Only
Whether you're selling number 2 pencils or IT consulting services, incorporate these selling strategies into your sales plan and watch your numbers and customer satisfaction ratings soar....

Employees Cry Out for Feedback - Members Only
Bruce L. Katcher, Ph.D., explains why your management mantra should be: "Provide ongoing feedback." When you let your people know what's expected of them and how they're measuring up, the result will be a more confident and productive workforce....

Establish Values and Put Them in Writing - Members Only
Learn how o effectively communicate values.

Establishing Trust to Do Business Across Cultures - Members Only
Business etiquette and relationship-building tips for American businesspeople doing business with foreigners.

Famous Objections and How to Overcome Them - Members Only
What do you do when a prospect tells you, "Send me information about your company/products/services in the mail?" Paul S. Goldner, the author of Red-Hot Cold Call Selling, has two, not one, surefire responses....

Feet Don't Lie - Members Only
Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D. explains how to read the body language of the feet.

Find and Retain Top People for Your Small Business - Members Only
In tough economic times, hiring the best talent is especially critical. These seven tips will help you attract and retain the superstars your small business needs to succeed....

Find Success by Thinking Like an Entrepreneur - Members Only
How to find prosperity, success, and happiness by adopting strategies used by entrepreneurs.

Finding a New Way to Meet: 10 Pitfalls of Pitiful Meetings - Members Only
10 biggest meeting pitfalls and strategies to avoid them.

Five Reasons Why You Should Seek Rejection - Members Only
The value of "eating 'nos' for breakfast."

Five Ways to Elevate Your Visibility on the Job - Members Only
If you want to prosper at work, start making a name for yourself.

Five Ways to Sabotage Employee Performance Management - Members Only
Compared to some other countries, U.S. organizations' performance management systems aren't doing so well.

Forget One-Size-Fits-All HR - Members Only
Small, medium, large, and even global organizations all require different HR structures.

Fostering Intrapreneurship: Think Like a VC, Act Like an Entrepreneur - Members Only
Succeessful employees combine the best qualities of venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.

Four Generations, One Strategy - Members Only
It’s time to focus on the commonalities, rather than the differences, between generations.

Four Questions Leaders Must Ask Themselves - Members Only
Senior executives must regularly appraise what's working and what's not to ensure success.

Four Ways High-Performing Organizations are Adapting to the Age of Data - Members Only
High-Performing Organizations are ahead of the curve in understanding and applying Big Data principles and techniques.

From Worst to First in One Year—Why the Right Talent Matters - Members Only
Lessons from the Red Sox on how to choose the best talent.

Get Ready for the Data Crush - Members Only
How companies can leverage the torrent of online information about their customers.

Get Your Onboarding Act Together, Pronto - Members Only
Companies must implement effective onboarding programs now, before the demand for managers heats up.

Getting a Handle on Gigabyte Growth - Members Only
An expert outlines strategies for storing the continuing proliferation of electronic content.

Getting Maximum Value from Consultants - Members Only
Tips to ensure the best ROI for projects that involve outside consultants.

Give 'em Something to Talk About: Leverage Your Company's Grapevine - Members Only
How to use your company's informal communication system to share the company’s values and positive messages with employees.

Global Leadership Development - Members Only New
The fifth annual study of challenges and opportunities

Go on the Offensive Against Cyberattack - Members Only
How to protect yourself and your business against cyberattack.

Goodbye Superman; Hello Team! - Members Only
Successful leaders built A+ teams to share the burden and the glory.

Great Leaders Are Positively Infectious - Members Only
A leader's tone, whether positive or negative, can spread like a virus to the rest of the team.

Harnessing the Power of Collaboration - Members Only
Why collaboration is critical to an organization's survival.

Heads Up Leaders: It's Time to Make "Friends" with Web 2.0 - Members Only
If you don’t know what a wiki is, it’s time to move your business out of the 20th century.

Help Put Our Veterans to Work - Members Only
How businesses can help veterans transition to the workforce.

Helping Employees Deal with the High Cost of Getting to Work - Members Only
Savvy companies are adopting creative ways to help employees deal with soaring gas prices: encouraging carpooling, telecommuting, and compressed work weeks and/or offering subsidies such as prepaid gas cards....

Hire the Right People - Members Only
Use Brian Tracy's SWAN formula to make sure the people you hire have the right stuff.

Holding on to the Best and Brightest Young Employees - Members Only
If you're not doing all you can to keep talented young employees from flying the coop, your organization's reputation and productivity will suffer. Bruce L. Katcher, Ph.D., provides action steps for keeping the keepers....

Holiday Gift-Giving Made Easy - Members Only
Expert tips on what to give and to whom at holiday time.

How “The Best Thing that Could Ever Happen to You” Happened to Me - Members Only
Help and hope for executives who experience job loss.

How in the World Can HR Get Global Skills? - Members Only
While multinational firms may ensure that line executives gain global experience, HR leaders must be proactive about acquiring the skills they need to succeed in today's global marketplace....

How Millennials Are Rewriting the Rules of Management - Members Only
How Millennial managers are different from managers of the previous generations, from the authors of the new book Manager 3.0

How Much Is a Like Worth? - Members Only
Getting a customer to "like" your company on Facebook is only the first step in building a successful customer relationship.

How to Be a Great Mentee - Members Only
Ten strategies to get the most out of the mentoring experience.

How to Be a Super Supervisor - Members Only
Want better employees? Become a better manager. Nobody said that the job would be easy, but small changes in your attitude and actions will reap huge rewards in productivity and engagement....

How to Be Addict-able to Your Customers - Members Only
Six ways to become indispensable to your customers.

How to Change Minds Through Influence, Not Manipulation - Members Only
A six-step process to help convince others of your point of view.

How to Claim Your Spot in the Exec Suite - Members Only
How to advance your career to the next level.

How to Connect with Customers, Every Time - Members Only
The most successful salespeople adapt their style to suit each individual customer.

How to Create Happy Employees and Customers: Eliminate Indifference - Members Only
Ed Horrell outlines the “rules of engagement” for companies who want to achieve customer service excellence.

How to Create Your Power Office - Members Only
How to create an office environment that fosters productivity and confidence.

How to Deal with the Office Gossipmonger - Members Only
Handle the office gossip without losing your cool.

How to E-N-G-A-G-E Workplace Learners - Members Only
How do people learn best? By becoming ENGAGED with the presenter and the material.

How to Ensure Virtual Success - Members Only
How to avoid the most common pitfalls of virtual teams.

How to Evolve from Smart Leader to Wise Leader - Members Only
Wise leaders have a flexible and resilient mindset that allows them to act and lead with wisdom.

How to Finally Take Control of Your Time - Members Only
As the saying goes, if you don't take control of your time, others will do it for you. With the help of management expert Brian Tracy you can resolve to stop procrastinating and start mastering your time now, with these tips from his book Time...

How to Kill a Team in One Easy Step - Members Only
How high-performance organizations increase team effectiveness.

How to Make Your Network Work for You - Members Only
An introduction to effective networking, from the book I Got My Dream Job and So Can You

How to Manage Your Business's Greatest Asset: Your Customers - Members Only
How to make sure everyone in the organization is focused on satisfying customer needs.

How to Supernetwork Your Way to Success - Members Only
When it comes to building a professional network, quality is more important than quality.

How to Turn a “No” Client into a “Yes” Client - Members Only
Sales tips that will help you land bigger deals in less time.

How to Turn Your Company into an Innovation Machine - Members Only
Innovation tips from Terry Jones, founder of Travelocity and Kayak.com

How to Work Hard and Accomplish Little - Members Only
Why multitasking creates ineffective leaders.

HR’s Role in High-Performing Companies - Members Only
HR professionals know that creating a high performing organization requires more than a strong business plan. As the stewards of company culture, it's up to them to help find, develop, and leverage the human capital that will foster a climate of...

I’m a Manager, and So Can You - Members Only
Being a good manager isn't all that different from being a good person.

Identifying and Removing the Barriers to Innovation - Members Only
Some of the common barriers to innovation and how to overcome them.

Inclusion Measurement: Tracking the Intangible - Members Only
Inclusion is much more difficult to measure than diversity, but it can be measured indirectly, says i4cp.

Information Underload - Members Only
How boosting internal communications can benefit an organization's bottom line.

Inheriting an Employee with Disciplinary Problems - Members Only
Strategies for dealing with new team members who may be less-than-perfect, from the new book 101 Tough Conversations to Have with Employees.

Innovation by Example - Members Only
Learn these principles of successful corporate innovators.

Interview Red Flags and Warning Signs - Members Only
Interviewers of potential employees should watch out for these 12 interview red flags.

Intro to Emotional Intelligence - Members Only
A brief introduction to EI, from AMA’s seminar Successfully Managing People.

Introduction to Coaching - Members Only
Guidelines adapted from AMA’s seminar Coaching and Counseling for Outstanding Job Performance.

Is Your Business Part of the Fakeosphere? - Members Only
How to make sure your organization's online presence doesn't raise red flags to consumers.

Is Your Sales Team Creating Real Differentiation? - Members Only
To stand out from the competition, your salespeople have to go beyond features that are easily copied, to create value that is unique to each customer.

It’s Just Common Sense - Members Only
Advice from Michael Feuer, cofounder of OfficeMax, on how to use more common sense in business.

It’s Not About You - Members Only
The number one rule of presentations is to remember it's about your audience and how you can be of service to them.

It’s Time to Review the Performance Review - Members Only
A new approach to performance reviews.

Job One for Leaders: Doing the Right Thing - Members Only
Looking for leadership role models to inspire and motivate you? Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have demonstrated unprecedented levels of personal philanthropy; Leona Helmsley, not so much....

Just Say No to Your Inner Control Freak - Members Only

Keep Your Eye on the—Bosu? - Members Only
Sander A. Flaum learns a valuable leadership lesson at the gym.

Keep Your Inner “Jack Donaghy” in Check - Members Only
Is your management style more like "30 Rock's" Jack Donaghy or Liz Lemon? Effective leaders must strike a balance between the two.

Keeping Your Customers During Tough Times - Members Only
Your sales reps’ must make sure they’re effectively meeting the needs of current, loyal customers.

Keys to Mentoring Success - Members Only
While everyone can benefit from the right mentor, not everyone is cut out to be one. Here are some guidelines for creating an effective mentor/mentoree relationship....

Launching High-Potential Employees Toward Leadership - Members Only
Organizations must implement enterprise-wide strategies to develop their high-potential employees, who are its future leaders.

Leadership Legacies - Members Only
Despite most organizations' emphasis on the bottom line, a recent survey of high-achieving business leaders shows that for many, success is not enough....

Leadership Lessons from the Cockpit - Members Only
Lt. Colonel Waldo Waldman applies the lessons he in flying combat missions in Iraq and Kosovo to surviving in business.

Leadership Lessons from White House Fellows - Members Only
Inspirational leadership stories from alumni of the prestigious White House Fellows program.

Leadership Strategies for Unpredictable Times - Members Only
Leaders who have navigated their businesses through the past five years learned to look for opportunities in situations that would be considered negatives in more prosperous times.

Leadership’s Silver Bullet: The Magic of Inspiration - Members Only
Why inspiration is the #1 trait of top-performing leaders.

Learn to Embrace Your Butterflies - Members Only
How to use nervous energy in a positive way when presenting in front of a group.

Learning from Lost Customers - Members Only
Customer retention advice from the authors of Managing Knock Your Socks off Service.

Let’s Hear It for Conflict - Members Only
Ted Harro, founder of Noonday Ventures, explains why teams who never have conflict are probably not getting much done.

Making Collaboration Work - Members Only
How organizations can move toward a more collaborative work environment.

Manage Performance, Don’t Mangle It - Members Only
Taking the fear out of performance management.

Management S.O.S.: How to Mediate Disputes - Members Only
What to do if two of your staff members have declared war on each other, from the new book 101 Tough Conversations to Have with Employees.

Managing Brand YOU - Members Only
Are you stuck in a rut, either professionally or personally? Learn how to employ the same million-dollar branding strategies used by Starbucks, Coca-Cola, and Oprah to create a successful "Brand YOU."...

Managing Change Is More Difficult than Ever - Members Only
i4cp's 2013 Critical Human Capital Issues Survey shows that issues pertaining to change continue to dominate the business landscape.

Managing Conflict: What’s Your Style? - Members Only
Five simple approaches to dealing with workplace conflict.

Managing Continuous Change - Members Only
Remember that old Billy Joel song, "Don't go changin' to try and please me"? Too bad corporate America doesn't share the sentiment. Today's employees are not only expected to deal with constant change, but to actually embrace it....

Managing in the Platform Age - Members Only
How businesses must change to meet the challenges of a new age.

Managing Tomorrow Today - Members Only
A look at the past, present, and future state of HR.

Marketing Effectively on Facebook - Members Only
How to take advantage of Facebook's paid ads and boosted posts.

Marketing to Millennials - Members Only
How to market to and engage Millennials, who now number more than 80 million and have estimated purchasing power of $200 billion.

Millennials Drive Workplace Social Media - Members Only
Executives must make strategic decisions now about how to leverage the power of social media.

Minding Your Global Manners - Members Only
Although the world truly has become a global village, there are still many differences among cultures. A small behavioral faux pas-calling a person by his first name or sending an inappropriate gift-could sabotage an important deal....

Miranda Rights of Customer Service - Members Only
If you can't remember the last time you experienced truly excellent customer service, you're not alone. Peter Shankman's tips will ensure that your business is never convicted in the court of bad service....

mLearning: Not Everyone’s Doing It Yet - Members Only
Full adoption of mLearning is still a few years off, but when it arrives, it has the potential to redefine learning.

Mobile Learning: Anywhere, Anytime - Members Only
A look at what's keeping mobile learning from truly taking off, from i4cp.

Morph Your Marketing Strategies from "New" Media to "Now" Media - Members Only
How to reach today’s increasingly connected digital consumers.

Moving Forward After a Job Loss - Members Only
Job hunting advice from the author of The Best Thing That Ever Happened to You: How a Career Reversal Can Reinvigorate Your Life.

Moving from “Me First” to “We First” - Members Only
In a podcast interview Simon Mainwaring discusses his connected, mutually dependent view of the world.

Moving from Boss to Coach - Members Only
Today's most effective managers form a partnership with their workers.

Much Ado About Business Dining - Members Only
Proper etiquette for setting up and presiding over a business meal.

Multitasking vs. Singular Focus: And the Winner Is? - Members Only
The theorists who sold Americans on multitasking may have done us more harm than good, writes Sander A. Flaum. His advice for today's leaders: Vow to do one thing exquisitely well today....

My Way or the Highway-Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Micromanagement - Members Only
Is your boss a micromanager? Or even worse, are you guilty of MBHH (Managing By Hovering and Hounding)? Shockingly, four out of five workers say they've been a victim of this management faux pas. Read on to learn how to recognize...

Negotiating Abroad: Overcoming Challenges - Members Only
Srategies for dealing with the challenges faced by global negotiators.

Never Attend Another Useless Meeting - Members Only
How to improve the quality of meetings, from the author of "Read this Before our Next Meeting."

Never Hire a Bad Salesperson Again - Members Only
What makes a super salesperson? According to the authors of a new book, Never Hire a Bad Salesperson Again, "Winning salespeople always share one critical psychological trait, and that characteristic is drive." Drive can't be taught, but you...

Office Holiday Party Do’s and Don’ts - Members Only
Never forget the "office" part of "office party."

Office Politics: How to Master the Game - Members Only
You may pride yourself as being "above" the pettiness of office politics, but if you completely ignore the political climate of your workplace your career may be at risk....

Overcoming Objections - Members Only
How to deal with customer objections, from Brian Tracy's new book Unlimited Sales Success.

Overcoming the Enemies of Business Agility - Members Only
Addiction to success and overlooking the value of small changes are two key obstacles to agility.

Overused Buzzwords: It’s All Good at the End of the Day - Members Only
A new survey of the most annoying and overused business buzzwords.

Perfectly Imperfect Leadership - Members Only
If you aspire to leadership greatness, the first step is to admit that you're not perfect. You're going to make mistakes; the key is how you handle them....

Performance Review Hooey - Members Only
Keith Herring looks at an alternative to the traditional performance review.

Personal Energy Management: How to Stop Killing Yourself at Work - Members Only
If you truly want to work at your optimal level, sometimes you just have to say "no." Embrace the principles of "personal management" and vow to choose career sustainability over burnout....

Peter Drucker to the Rescue - Members Only
Why Peter Drucker's management wisdom remains relevant today.

Plato, Competencies, and the Ideal Employee - Members Only
New insights from i4cp about talent competencies.

Preventing the Nightmare of Workplace Violence - Members Only
Half of U.S. firms with 1,000 employees or more reported an incident of workplace violence within a 12-month period, according to a 2005 survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But about 70% of the establishments surveyed did not have a program or...

Project Management Success: It All Begins with Communication - Members Only
Strategies from the AMA seminar Project Team Leadership: Building Commitment Through Superior Communication.

Protect Your Career: Stay Informed - Members Only
Bob Dylan had it right when he wrote, "The times, they are a-changin'." No matter who you are-your industry, profession, and organization are in a constant state of flux. And if you're not keeping up, you may find yourself on the outside looking in....

Putting the “Present” Back in Presentations - Members Only
Tips for becoming a presentation super star.

Reach Your Goals Through the Art of Persuasion - Members Only
Call it buy-in, agreement, or cooperation; most of us have to convince others to see our point of view every day. Once you learn a few simple techniques you'll become a master of the art....

Reaching Ethical Agreement Across Cultures - Members Only
Four steps to help people from different cultures find common ground.

Reaching the Decision Makers - Members Only
How to reach the decision makers and make the sale.

Read This—Before You Start Writing - Members Only
Business writing tips from The AMA Handbook of Business Writing.

Realize Your Team Is Your Customer - Members Only
Increase your team's effectiveness by asking your people how you serve them better.

Recipe for Leadership Success: A Large Helping of Passion, Plus a Dash of Paranoia - Members Only
Exceptional leaders move their companies forward with passion and a bit of paranoia.

Recovery! Turning Service Failures Around - Members Only
A four-step approach to correcting customer service lapses.

Recruiting, Managing, and Retaining Veterans - Members Only
Tips on hiring and managing former military personnel, from the author of the book Field Tested.

Reevaluating Corporate Pension Plans - Members Only
Don't expect retiring baby boomers to take the gold watch and retire quietly to a rocking chair when they turn 65. But can employer programs support the boomers' long-term financial security?...

Reining in Your Wandering Mind - Members Only
How your smart phone is keeping you from staying on task.

Retain Employees by Ignoring the Turnover Rate - Members Only
i4cp looks at the relationship between the employee turnover rate and market performance.

Rx for Project Managers: Getting from Team/Work to Teamwork - Members Only
Teamwork tips for project leaders from "101 Project Management Problems and How to Solve Them."

Rx for Your Business: Ask Your Employees for Advice - Members Only
To improve your business ask your employees what they think works and doesn't work.

Sales Self-Sabotage: The Causes and the Cure - Members Only
Attention sales professionals: you may be sabotaging your own success. The remedy is to stop behaving like a salesperson and start behaving more like someone who has the customer's best interests in mind....

Schmooze Your Way to Knowledge Retention - Members Only
How to establish a knowledge transfer plan in your organization.

Secrets of "Alpha" Companies - Members Only
Companies like Starbucks, Victoria's Secret, and Harley-Davidson didn't become industry leaders by being the biggest, best value, or first to market. They dominate their categories by adopting "Alpha" strategies-making their customers feel special....

Secrets of Hiring and Retaining the Right Person—Every Time - Members Only
Tips for correcting the disconnect between employee expectations and the reality of a job.

Secrets of the Strategy Execution Superstars - Members Only
Companies that excel at strategy execution, including P&G, Costco, and Google.

Self-Coaching During Tough Times: Lessons from Sports Psychology - Members Only
Shift some energy from coaching everyone else and start coaching yourself.

Selling Tips from the Masters - Members Only
Winning strategies from master salespeople.

Seven Silent Business Killers - Members Only
Leaders must look below the surface to gauge the real health of a business.

Seven Ways to Increase Employee ROI - Members Only
Even in a downturn, employee retention is fundamental to the success of a small business. Smart business owners look for ways to get more "downturn return" from their employees while keeping them engaged and happy....

Should Your Company Offer Sexual Harassment Prevention Training? - Members Only
An employment law attorney explains why the case for sexual harassment prevention training extends way beyond the obvious legal benefits....

Six Truths about Really Putting the Customer First - Members Only
Sure, your company's mission statement says the customer is number one, but what are your people doing to back up those lofty goals?...

Social Media Pitfalls for Employers - Members Only
An attorney provides information about social media and employer liability.

Soft Skills by Any Other Name - Members Only
A new study by i4cp underscores the importance of solft skills in business.

Sparking a Dialogue on Diversity - Members Only
Is "unintentional intolerance" alive and well in your organization? It may be, if only Ivy League grads get ahead or if you can count the number of women and people of color in key leadership roles on just one hand. An expert explains how to...

Spotting Exceptional Talent - Members Only
How to hire the superstars and avoid the clunkers.

Stop Fighting Fires - Members Only
More organizations are using new enterprise-wide applications of DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) to identify the efforts that will make the greatest contribution to their bottom line....

Stop Procrastinating—Now - Members Only
A 10-step plan for overcoming procrastination.

Stop Torturing Your Sales Teams - Members Only
Smart sales managers work hard to avoid five afflictions that erode morale and performance.

Strategic Alliances: A Growth Model for Companies - Members Only
Companies of all sizes turn to strategic alliances as a means to foster growth. But the dramatically high failure rate of these partnerships-50 to 75%-is evidence that getting people from different environments to work together productively is no...

Strategies for Controlling a Meeting Nemesis - Members Only
These strategies from AMA’s seminar “Leading Effective Meetings” will help control a meeting.

Survey Says: It’s All About the Follow-up - Members Only
Employee surveys are useless without effective follow up.

Sustainability 101: How Taking a Short View Can Leave You Short-changed - Members Only
Sander A. Flaum explores the benefits of a long-term business perspective

Taking Service to the Stratosphere - Members Only
12 steps to creating a culture that delivers outstanding service every day.

Tattoo You: What Marketers Can Learn from “Tattoo Brands” - Members Only
What marketers can learn from super brands and their customers, some of whom sport logo tattoos.

Team Dynamics - Members Only
Learn how to put together a successful team.

Telling Your Brand Story - Members Only
Every member of your sales staff should be a "brand ambassador" who is able to explain your company's brand story in 30 seconds. By articulating your brand story, sales staff will convey your company's unique advantages, engage the customer, and...

Ten Employee Training Tips for Small Businesses - Members Only
Providing excellent, appropriate training for employees is a win-win for any small business owner. Here are 10 tips to help you launch an employee training program, from allbusiness.com...

Ten Phrases That Should Be Banned from Your Workplace Vocabulary - Members Only
Phrases that convey negativity, rudeness, or incompetence that can derail one's career.

The #1 Core Competency for Leaders - Members Only
How to become a more effective leader by increasing your EQ.

The 10 Top Accountability Killers - Members Only
Failing to act in an accountable fashion can damage your reputation, your relationships, and your career opportunities.

The 3 Major Sins of Sales Management - Members Only
The importance of choosing the right people for the right sales roles.

The 411 on SOPs - Members Only
Why standard operating procedures are important, and how to develop them.

The Acid Test for Employee Engagement - Members Only
Bruce L. Katcher, Ph.D. offers tips to help engage employees as part of a "we" culture, instead of a "they" culture.

The All-Time Worst Managers - Members Only
Are you a "Task Monger," "Limelight Taker," or (gasp!) a "Waffler"? Read Gary S. Topchik's guide to the 10 most heinous managerial types to make sure you don't become one of them....

The Bad Business of Bickering Managers - Members Only
Strategies for dealing with senior managers who can't get along.

The Best Way to Survive Hard Times: Build Strong Business Relationships - Members Only
Make sure your salespeople’s relationship-building skills are up to snuff.

The Care and Feeding of Your Company’s HEROes - Members Only
How companies can identify, encourage, and empower their HERO (Highly Empowered and Resourceful Operatives) employees.

The Customer-Focused Organization - Members Only New
i4cp and the American Management Association (AMA) examined customer focus through the lens of high-performance

The DNA of Failure - Members Only
Much has been written about what it takes to succeed, but what causes people and businesses to fail? Ignorance, incompetence, insouciance, cowardice, arrogance, and malice can each play a part, writes Stephen H. Baum. But if the problem lies in your...

The Eight Roles of a Manager - Members Only
Description of a manager's professional competencies, from AMA CEO Edward T. Reilly's book AMA Business Boot Camp.

The Five Domains of High Performance - Members Only
Research by the Institute of Corporate Productivity has identified five basic ingredients of high performing organizations.

The Foundation of Healthy Leadership - Members Only
The six roots of healthy leadership: physical, emotional, intellectual, social, vocational, and spiritual

The Four Pivotal Capabilities of Higher Level Leadership - Members Only
How to rise to a higher level of leadership through the mastery of four capabilities.

The Golden (or Red, Blue, or Green) Path to Success - Members Only
An exclusive interview with author Shoya Zichy about her Color Q personality system.

The HR Confidentiality Conundrum - Members Only
As the guardian of confidential employee information, HR is sometimes viewed as being unduly secretive and suspicious. The challenge is finding the fine balance between transparency and confidentiality....

The Leadership Competencies That Matter Most in Today's Trying Economic Times - Members Only
The results of an American Management Association/i4cp study on leadership competencies.

The Lost Art of Shutting Up - Members Only
Looking to learn a valuable new business skill? Consultant and author Mike Staver suggests this one: learning when to shut up....

The One Question You Must Ask Yourself as a Leader - Members Only
A leader cannot be effective if his focus is mainly on himself.

The Only Four Reasons to EVER Lower Your Prices - Members Only
Even in today's troubled economy, offering customers a discount isn't necessarily the best strategy.

The Power of Belief - Members Only
As Henry Ford said: "Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you're right." During his days as a door-to-door salesman, Sharif Khan learned first-hand how belief in oneself and a positive attitude are essential ingredients to a successful...

The Power of Presence - Members Only
What is presence and can it be cultivated?

The Project Manager's Guide to Getting it Done - Members Only
Seven ways to keep projects moving

The Risks and Rewards of Micromanagement - Members Only
No one wants to be known as a micromanager. But believe it or not, the practice does have its proper time and place....

The Second Mice Are Coming - Members Only
U.S. suppliers must decide whether to take on fast-follower Chinese firms as customers.

The Secret to Success: Be a Connector - Members Only
In this excerpt from her new book The Connectors, Maribeth Kuzmeski offers 20 simple strategies to cultivate the quality relationships that are most critical to your success.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Sales Management - Members Only
Sales Management tips from the author of Nuts & Bolts of Sales Management: How to Build a High-Velocity Sales Team.

The Seven Keys to Effective Delegation - Members Only
Delegation tips for managers from Brian Tracy's book Delegation & Supervision.

The Seven Secrets of Inspirational Leaders - Members Only
If you adopt these secrets of leaders who inspire, motivate, and exert a positive influence on their people, customers will want to do business with you, employees will want to work with you, and investors will want to back you....

The Silent Language of Leadership - Members Only
Peter Drucker once said, "The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said." Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D., explains how your body language may be getting in the way of what you want to say....

The SPARK of Leadership - Members Only
An excerpt from Ed Reilly's book AMA Business Boot Camp on how leaders can inspire and motivate their people.

The Top 10 Talent Lessons of 2010 - Members Only
i4cp's roundup of research on corporate performance from 2010.

The Value of a Long-term Perspective - Members Only
In challenging times, it's all too easy to become immobilized by a "gloom and doom" attitude. But as professional development guru Brian Tracy reminds us, the people who experience the greatest success are those who set priorities based on a...

The Wisdom of Two Pizza Teams - Members Only
The idea number of people on a team is 8-12, the number of people you can feed with 2 pizzas.

Thriving on Discontinuous Change - Members Only
There is change and there is change. Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D. explains why the roles, actions, and attitudes that drove past business successes may be insufficient-and perhaps even detrimental-to future success....

Time to Stop the “Hard Stop” - Members Only
Sander Flaum explains why interruptions at work are so destructive and what you can do to avoid them.

Tips for Amazing Webinars and Virtual Meetings - Members Only
Tips to keep virtual meeting participants engaged--and away from their BlackBerries or Web browsers.

Tips for Managing Technical and Professional Workers - Members Only
Meeting the unique challenges of managing technical and professional workers.

Tips for Reaching Across the Aisle (or Silo) - Members Only
Business communication expert Carol Kinsey Goman offers strategies for working across silos in the workplace.

To Get Through the Downturn, Get Aggressive and Marketing - Members Only
Cutting your marketing budget in today’s tight economy would be a big mistake.

To Hire or Not to Hire the Overqualified: That Is the Question - Members Only
Weighing the benefits and risks of hiring overqualified applicants.

To Win, Understand Your Enemy - Members Only
A new book uses strategies from Sun Tzu's The Art of War as a guide for business success.

Top 10 Business Card Etiquette Tips - Members Only
As business etiquette expert Lydia Ramsey explains, even in the high-tech age of social media, manners still matter.

Top 10 Ways to Engage Your Employees - Members Only
A recent Gallup poll revealed that a staggering 70% of people feel "actively disengaged" at work. These 10 tips will help you improve your employees' energy, enthusiasm, and effectiveness....

Truth: A Smarter Way to Market - Members Only
After years of being bombarded by marketing from every imaginable angle-print, TV, radio, direct mail, telephone, billboards, and now via the Internet, consumers have understandably become frustrated and skeptical. Now one expert has come up with a...

Turning Your Customers into Fans - Members Only
Marketing tips from the former Chief Marketing Officer of the New England Patriots football team.

U.S. Technology Leadership Is Slipping - Members Only
Though overall U.S. productivity has been strong, when it comes to technology, American companies have transformed themselves from adopters into followers....

Understanding and Adapting to a New Organizational Culture - Members Only
Joining a new company is like moving to a foreign country. The sooner you learn the customs and language of your new land, the more successful you'll be. A career counselor from The Five O'Clock Club offers a roadmap for adapting to any new...

Unlocking the Leader Within: Conquering Stage Fright - Members Only
Five steps to conquer stage fright

Using "No Limit" Poker Strategies to Win in Business - Members Only
Winning in business is much like winning at poker: you've got to know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em. The authors of No Limit: The Texas Hold 'Em Guide to Winning in Business share their proven strategies to raise your odds...

Using Vision to Drive Massive Change - Members Only
To succeed, really big ideas require a shift in mindset.

Virtual Teams Are a "Virtual Reality" for Businesses - Members Only
While managing remote employees presents unique challenges, today’s organizations must meet those challenges to survive in our global economy.

Want to Accomplish More? Think LES - Members Only
How to allocate your time to the most important tasks, through practical prioritization.

Want to be the Best in Your Field? Stay Uncomfortable - Members Only
Superstars like Oprah and Bill Gates never rest on their laurels; the always strive to improve.

Want to Win in Business? Focus on the Play (Not the Victory) - Members Only
Business lessons learned from football coach Bill Walsh's strategies.

Wanted (Badly): Job Creators - Members Only
Leaders can help create new jobs by creating a supportive environment for innovation and entrepreneurism.

Wellness Programs: Remedy or Risk? - Members Only
Employee wellness programs are a win/win, right? True, they help employers cut costs and provide healthful benefits for workers, but government regulations and privacy issues raise some tricky questions....

What Employers Must Do NOW to Drive and Sustain High Performance - Members Only
A new AMA i4cp study shows many organizations are ill prepared to deal with coming talent shortages.

What Is a Good Question? That’s a Good Question - Members Only
The six types of "good" questions.

What It Takes to Put Clients First - Members Only
An 11-step strategy to put clients first in any organization.

What Makes an Exceptional Leader? - Members Only
Leadership lessons based on Sir Ernest Shackleton's famous 1914 Antarctic expedition.

What You Don’t Know about Rising to "the Next Level" - Members Only
The good news-you've just won a high-level executive position. The bad news? You have a 40% chance of biting the dust within the next 18 months. We asked Scott Eblin, a Washington, D.C.–based executive coach and author of The Next Level: What...

What's Your SQ (Social Quotient)? - Members Only
Boost your business and career by leveraging your social skills.

When Employees Fail: Management Is Often to Blame - Members Only
If employees consistently fail in certain positions, maybe it’s management’s fault.

When Good Storytelling Goes Bad - Members Only
Why everyone needs to have a researcher's skepticism.

Where New Jobs Will Really Come From - Members Only
Most new jobs will be created in response to innovation.

Who’s Bossing the Boss? - Members Only
The way to improve the quality of an organization is to create a "better boss."

Why a Successful Project Manager Is Like a Boy Scout - Members Only
The best project managers are trustworthy, loyal, obedient, thrifty, and kind--just like boy scouts.

Why Aren't There More Good Managers? - Members Only
What does management excellence have in common with baking a cake? A manager, like a baker, has to know how to get the most out of the ingredients he's given, or the end result will surely disappoint....

Why Engagement Matters—More than Ever - Members Only
Moving employees from giving merely what's expected to performing above and beyond.

Why Innovators Should Embrace Conflict - Members Only
Creativity doesn't flow from the absence of conflict, but from the right kind of conflict.

Why It’s Worth Learning How to Give Feedback - Members Only
If you take the time to hone the ability to give constructive feedback you will become more effective at your job and more valuable to your employer.

Why It's Time to Rethink ROI - Members Only
It's time to take a "new school" look at that favorite "old school" performance metric--ROI

Why Persistence Pays Off - Members Only
How persistence, realistic goals, and preparation create a path to success.

Why Projects Fail - Members Only
Insight on project failure from AMA's seminar Project Team Leadership: Building Commitment Through Superior Communication.

Why Too Much Harmony Kills Collaboration - Members Only
An overemphasis on polite discussion can prevent teams from communicating freely.

Why You Need to Enter the Blogosphere-Now - Members Only
If your response to this headline is, "What, Me Blog?", you need to change your mindset right now. Because if your company doesn't have a corporate blog and your competitors do, you're about to lose your competitive edge....

With a Little Help from Your Friends - Members Only
Put your loyal customers to work for you through referrals.

Working Your Competitive Advantage - Members Only
Jack Welch said, "If you don't have a competitive advantage, don't compete." So what's your competitive advantage? If it's only based on price, you risk losing your customers and your best salespeople....

X-Ray Vision - Members Only
Today's executives must remain as transparent as an X-ray.

Yet Another Management Lesson from Red Sox Nation - Members Only
A lack of respect and teamwork can bring down even the mightiest team, whether in sports or business.

Your Permanent Record - Members Only
Credibility-enhancing dos and don'ts for the age of Wikipedia.

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