Sue Brocaglia

Sue Brocaglia has made a name for herself by helping companies navigate the complex aspects of growth and change, preferring practical approaches grounded in human insights and proven techniques. She describes her superpower as the ability to "bring order to chaos" as she combines a 30,000-foot perspective, which allows her to see what a company needs to get where it wants to go, with the tactical ability to step in and set things right quickly and efficiently. She has more than 30 years’ experience with clients from startup to Fortune 500 across a wide variety of industries.

Envisioning three to five years out, Sue helps companies identify and support their desired trajectories through technology, leadership development and forward-looking, flexible processes. This future-focused point of view also helps her foresee changes in the industry, such as challenges with generational shifts, managing remote workers, distributed workforces, etc., so new ways of working do not come as a surprise.

Sue has also been instrumental in the development of purpose-built systems that allow HR professionals to focus on the more strategic aspects of their roles. She has helped create webbased platforms that streamline vacation tracking, benefit administration, performance and compensation management and more, offering a deep understanding of how automation can best support human resources.